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NEW: Boost employee morale with AI-driven Fair Scheduling

Hey, you are invited to join our Fairness crew! The reasons to join are obvious. Fairer schedules consist of more balanced workloads, provide more ..

Hey, you are invited to join our Fairness crew! The reasons to join are obvious. Fairer schedules consist of more balanced workloads, provide more equal treatment, and encourage a positive work-environment and don’t forget that extra boost to employee morale. With our new addition to the AI-driven scheduling solution Labor Optimization, you can be rest assured that every shift is a party and everyone is invited. Let's boogie our way to fair scheduling bliss! 


AI powered scheduling already has a host of benefits including time savings, increased cost-efficiency and improved compliance. The result? Schedules that are in complete harmony with your labor and business rules. With Fair Scheduling, we’ve just added a few more rules to the mix. 


You get contract fulfillment! And you get contract fulfillment! And you! 

One of the rules we’ve added to create fairer schedules is to fulfill contract hours relatively equally between employees. This means that most will get 80% contract hour fulfillment, instead of some getting 100% while others get 60%. No more feeling overworked or like you grabbed the short stick, it’s like a contract hours calculator sprinkled fairness dust over all your schedules! 


Different hats distributed fairly 

We love employees who can work multi-functionally and take on different roles (what we define as shift types, e.g. cashier, driver, replenishment etc). What nobody loves, is getting stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. That’s why we added a rule where we equally distribute certain shift types. It's a symphony of variety that keeps things fresh and exciting!


Shifts that aren’t meh… - not all the time at least! 

There will always be what people consider favorable and less favorable types of shifts, but a healthy balance of a good night’s sleep and the opportunity to meet with friends on the weekend deserves to be thrown in the mix. That’s why we are not only equally distributing shift types, we’re doing the same for types of shifts, so those less favorable shifts we mentioned (like nights and weekends) are balanced and distributed equally between employees. 


So, put on your fairness goggles and hop on board the equal distribution train. Bid farewell to lopsided schedules and embrace the dance of shift type, types of shift rotation, and contract hours fulfillment. If you already have Labor Optimization, you only have to let us know and we’ll set you up to join the Fairness crew. If not, this is your open invitation to request a demo and start creating AI-driven, fairer schedules! 


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