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Introducing Widgets: Prioritize and quick-select the right resources

Reduce noise for your teams and drive engagement with critical jobs-to-be-done using Widgets.

Attention retail leaders! Struggling to get engagement on mission-critical tasks & content? Use our new Widgets to create targeted, bespoke combinations of the most relevant content, reducing noise for your teams and driving engagement with critical jobs-to-be-done.  Read on to learn how you can curate your home pages and stories effortlessly. 



Seamlessly add, edit, and rearrange widgets, while prioritizing resources with custom or system tags. Preparing for Black Friday? Simply select the ‘Black Friday’ tag and watch all tagged relevant resources take center stage. Create hero widgets, regular carousels or list type widgets, you can do it all. 


This isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategy to amplify engagement, ensuring resources that are relevant to the moment come out on top. It creates a custom journey, fostering resource interaction and elevating your retail game.


Embrace the power of Widgets to drive engagement and resource utilization. Learn about the how-to in our latest Helpdocs article and transform your retail operation into a showstopper! 

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