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Create better rotas and shifts on the web and on the go.

Better workforce scheduling means happier employees

Great workforce management is built on the cornerstone of great scheduling. Smart workforce scheduling can help keep your customers happy, your staff engaged and your business profitable.
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How Quinyx makes scheduling rosters easy:

  • Detailed schedules give you complete control over your employees' exact working hours
  • Quick access to employees' skills and experience
  • Quickly manage absence reports and leave applications
  • Workforce scheduling for your entire organisation or individual departments with a simple click
  • Reduced risk of noncompliance with automatic compliance checks against working time directives and employee contracts
  • Mobile scheduling system that allows staff to access their schedule and time records via their mobile phone, swap shifts with colleagues, apply for leave, book shifts, punch in and out from work, and much more
  • The favoured scheduling software by companies in retail, transport, healthcare and hospitality
A scheduling process that normally would take 4 hours per week per location, is now reduced to just 15 minutes thanks to scheduling automation.
Matthew Bell
Director of Hotel Operations | CitizenM

The Benefits of Scheduling with Quinyx

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Complete control

Set the schedule for your entire organisation or individual departments with a simple click. The system checks against working time directives and employee contracts – giving you peace of mind.

Increased productivity

Create an optimal schedule with the help of forecast algorithms and rules. This will make sure you have the right person, with the right skills, at the right place – at the right time.

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Save money

Staff planning and sound finances go hand in hand. Taking expected sales into account when creating the schedule can do wonders for your profit margin.


Don’t just take our word for it. Customers and their employees agree that Quinyx helps create both a happier business and a happier workforce.

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