Transforming Childcare with AI

Having the right staff in the right place, at the right time is crucial within the childcare sector. To help childcare centers managers, AI-driven workforce optimization solutions make streamlining and bettering the rostering process a breeze in this complex and highly regulated environment.

Why choose Quinyx AI to power up your childcare organization?

We designed our AI solutions to be compatible with any WFM system. Integrating Quinyx AI through an open API, you can keep on working with the system you know while enjoying the benefits of our leading AI Optimization solutions.

How AI will help you and your childcare settings

From organizing floating staff to ensuring compliance with ratio rules, a large amount of time is spent each day by every childcare setting manager.

AI is here to minimize this time spent by your teams, ensuring perfectly optimized rosters and 100% compliance at all times, so your staff can do the work they love: looking after the children.

Your managers will deliver a better customer experience for the children's' parents and carers, be able to focus on developing their teams and, ultimately, grow your business.

Demand Forecasting

Predict the number of children in attendance in every room across the day, and generate a labor headcount based on compliance and ratio rules. With Quinyx, over and understaffing - and the accompanying headaches! - are officially things from the past. Our AI-powered labor demand forecasting will be the driving force behind your most accurate workforce planning.

Labor Optimization

Automatically create optimised and compliant rosters for all staff across the center based on the required headcount, ensuring you are never under the curve and can meet all of your enterprise agreement and contractual obligations. Optimize float staff and breaks, as well as activities such as cooking, cleaning or planning time.
"Our childcare solution combines the power of our AI forecasting and labor optimization algorithms with a deep understanding of the industry, to provide a solution that is tailored to the needs and challenges of childcare operations. By providing a forecast and optimized schedule for center directors and educators, we eliminate the time spent creating rosters, as well as the guesswork involved in managing ratios across the day. This gives employees more time to focus on quality of service rather than worrying about compliance. Our powerful float and break optimization engine is another key element to taking some of the heavy lifting away from center directors.”

Vihan Patel, Quinyx AI Expert

Numbers speak louder than words

We love data. So much so, that we decided to analyze 450,000 rosters, as we wanted to demonstrate the potential of AI-powered scheduling. Our findings speak for themselves:

  • Our childcare customers save 3-5% and see a decrease of 42 hours scheduled per week on average*
  • 100% less compliance violations
  • 90% less time spent creating and maintaining rosters

*Averages are per week per location across our childcare centers customers in comparison to their previous schedules.

Smooth integration with your existing WFM and Childcare Management platform

Empower your Workforce Management system with our AI Optimization solutions and take your workforce management to new heights. Connect easily to the Quinyx platform API to add AI to your software.

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We are able to use the information from Quinyx data analysis to steer the business and create unprecedented efficiency, ensuring the right number of childcare workers are present each day
Jason Ball
COO | G8 Education

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