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3 retail challenges

Shifts in the economy, changing customer behavior and maintaining customer satisfaction in the face of fierce competition. These are the challenges ..

Shifts in the economy, changing customer behavior and maintaining customer satisfaction in the face of fierce competition. These are the challenges all retailers face and we’re going to show you how to overcome them.

Every retailer wants to offer their customers a compelling experience while at the same time delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. A great product coupled with a great service is a sure-fire way to ensure repeat business and generate positive word-of-mouth, buzz marketing; the kind of marketing that delivers the best results.

It’s much easier to keep a satisfied customer than it is to acquire a new one. And the number-one driver for great customer satisfaction is the service the customer receives from staff. A good product can never mask the shortfalls that come with bad service. That’s why outstanding customer service is so important.

However, the pressure on staff and retailers is greater than it’s ever been. Europe is going through a period of austerity where the spending trend is on a downward curve, competition is greater than it’s ever been and customers are no longer afraid to demand more.

So in order to deliver the goods, retailers have to find new ways of working, to increase their competitiveness with better productivity and to drive efficiency by embracing technology.

Change the picture

This is where workforce management comes in. Many retailers currently lack the technology they need to achieve their goals, relying on outdated methods for scheduling, time and attendance, forecasting, budgeting and communication. Investment in a good workforce management solution drastically changes this picture.

According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, retailers using workforce management software to automate their time and attendance processes saw an increase of 5% in customer satisfaction.

The best workforce management solutions put the right people, in the right place at the right time, something the same study revealed was the most important factor for 55% of retailers who invested in a solution.

By automating processes that have historically been manual (like creating a scheduling, altering timesheets and managing absence), workforce management software frees up time so key staff can concentrate on delivering exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, providing a great customer experience and delighting every single customer

Not only this, the insights provided by better workforce management inform better decision making meaning retailers can forecast, plan and execute more effectively.

Higher levels of customer satisfaction means retailers stand a much greater chance of being successful. And better workforce management is an instant way to improve customer satisfaction.

The best workforce management software is a cloud-based, SaaS solution and can be easily implemented and deliver immediate results.

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