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5 tips on getting everything in order for the summer

It’s now officially summer and with July and August fast approaching, many people throughout Europe are getting ready to enjoy some much needed time ..

It’s now officially summer and with July and August fast approaching, many people throughout Europe are getting ready to enjoy some much needed time off for their summer vacation.

Vacations are super-important. Vacations help us refresh, recharge and rejuvenate which in turn should lead to an improved performance once we return to work. But many people still fear leaving the office, worried about the consequences of not being there as well as the volume of work they need to get through either before or after their vacation.

We understand and share these fears but they shouldn’t stop you from going on vacation or enjoying it once you’re there. To help you get everything order for summer (and truly enjoy sipping that cocktail while swinging in your hammock), we’ve put together five tips that help us and the Quinyx team.

  • Plan & prepare. Planning and preparation are key. The better you plan and the better you prepare, the easier it will be for you to let go of work because you’ll have confidence that you’ve left everything in the best shape possible. This means prioritising and knowing what work you need to get done, what will be happening while you’re away and what will be top of your list when you return. Make a list and start crossing things off it at least two weeks before you go away. This will stop the frantic rush in the last few days before you leave and will save you a lot of time and stress!
  • Delegate. Here’s a secret for you...the office won’t collapse as soon as you leave it. We all like to be ‘work martyrs’ from time to time but the reality is things can and will go on without us. However, you’ll make life much easier for for yourself and your staff by delegating effectively before you go. Trust your team and empower them to take ownership and make decisions while you’re away. They’ll thank you for it and it will make your life easier.
  • Use mobile devices wisely. No one wants to spend their vacation glued to their phone. In fact, we’d advise having times where you turn it off completely. However, if you need to check in with what’s happening and you feel by doing so you’ll be able to relieve some of the worry you’re feeling then do it! The Quinyx mobile manager app is a great way for managers to see at-a-glance what is happening in the workplace. So use mobile devices if you need to, but use them wisely.
  • Manage your schedule. If anyone knows how important good scheduling is, it’s us! When it comes to your vacation and your personal schedule, make sure you avoid important meetings or deadlines the day before you leave or the day you return. This is why your planning and preparation are so important. Build in time before you go to finalise anything on your checklist which has been complete and aim to leave early rather than staying late. When you return you’ll need time to catch up so give yourself that time and you’ll come back up to speed much quicker.
  • Be realistic. Don’t try and cram in too much before you go, you’ll end creating a whole heap of unnecessary stress. Just because you’re going on vacation it doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself for it by trying to overachieve before you go away. Be realistic about what you can do and then set about making sure you do it in good time.

The most important thing about a vacation is to enjoy it. And to pack your sunscreen if you’re going somewhere hot!

We spend a lot of time working so the time we have to ourselves is always precious. Make the most of it, in whatever way you want to. This is your recovery time and if you use it well, you’ll return to work ready to reach new heights.

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