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7 things you didn't know Quinyx could do

Easter eggs are great fun. Not only the chocolate kind or eggs filled with candy, but also the kind of Easter eggs that are ‘hidden’ inside ..

Easter eggs are great fun. Not only the chocolate kind or eggs filled with candy, but also the kind of Easter eggs that are ‘hidden’ inside everything from software to movies.

These hidden gems come in all different forms. Apple’s Terminal application is full of Easter eggs including being able to play Tetris, the Nokia phone classic game Snake and even running a psychoanalysis of your computer. Google also has plenty of tricks up it sleeves, try searching for ‘Do a barrell roll’, ‘I’m feeling curious’ or ‘Google in 1998’ to enjoy five minutes of fun.

While Quinyx doesn’t contain Easter eggs along these lines, it is full of functionality and powerful features for workforce management that are often underused.Messenger Email Banner (1) 

Here’s 7 Quinyx features that help save time and improve your productivity:

These features have been designed to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency, making sure you get the most out of your workday. By integrating these easter eggs, you can focus more on critical tasks and less on administrative burdens, ultimately boosting overall productivity, egsponentially.

1. Sharing documents

With Quinyx you can share folders and documents directly in software with selected colleagues, just like in Dropbox. Using this feature and not having to navigate away from Quinyx is a significant time-saver when managing your schedules!

2. Powerful Messaging

When it comes to filling shifts you can send shift offers with Quinyx Messenger to all employees who match the skills you need for that shift. Your frontline worker can then accept the shift with a few clicks reducing the admin time for them, and you!

3. Organisation Chart

For fast-growing companies, organisation charts can change rapidly and frequently making it a time consuming task to keep track of all the changes. Quinyx gives you a full overview of your planning unit’s organisation hierarchy. Neat right?

4. Instant notification

Send a notification to all employees when the schedule has been published by selecting a staff group under "Send publish notifications to" in the unit settings. Easy, peasy, Quinyx!

5. Multiple managers

Define multiple managers for a single unit by selecting a staff group containing all relevant managers under "Manager group" in the unit settings.

6. Metrics that matter

Instantly see the metrics that matter to you and your business by customizing which metrics to show in the schedule summary in the unit settings under the Daily summary tab. It's all up to you, since you know your business best!

7. Automatic approval

When dealing with large staff numbers it can be a tiresome process having to manually approve shift bookings. If you’re tired of approving all those shift bookings you can activate automatic approval of shift bookings in the unit settings under the Functionality tab. Tadah!

We’re constantly improving the features and functionality of Quinyx. 

If you’re new to Quinyx and would like to find out more about how better workforce management can optimize your business, our experts are on hand to help you. Contact us for more information, or read this guide about our Frontline Portal!


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