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Goodbye multiple work apps

Work tech should be as smooth as your other apps, right?

All-in-one. Why do humans love it so much? Because it makes our lives so much easier!

For example, Target. The all-in-one supermarket! You can walk in and find everything from ingredients to cook tonight’s dinner, to a new TV to enjoy a cozy movie weekend. And you walk out of there feeling relieved you don’t need to hop to another store to get what you need (or even some things you don’t necessarily need, but couldn’t resist). 

Why should Workforce Management technology be any different? In our 2024 WFM Trend Guide, we identified that having an all-in-one approach to WFM will be a big one. Here’s why…


Money, money, money

It isn’t so funny when you’ve got to streamline costs, but you’ve got three or more different systems you rely on to keep the company running smoothly. We’re still in an economic moment, and will most likely be for a while, where we need to save the company money while doing our best to ensure this doesn’t impact the frontline worker experience. 

If you’re paying for a separate scheduling tool, a time and attendance tool, communication tools, and more, it’s time to reevaluate your workforce management tech stack. WFM tools are making moves to combine all of these elements and don’t sacrifice the employee experience.

Having one solution means better and less complex integrations with all of the other tools in your ecosystem and fewer tools for employees to have to keep track of. Switching to an all-in-one WFM platform will reduce complexity for frontline workers and reduce costs for the company. 

And speaking of reduced complexity for employees, that brings us to our next reason why an all-in-one workforce management solution approach will be critical. 

Getting employees engaged

Did you know that one in three frontline workers currently has to juggle four or more platforms in their daily work routine? They are the ones logging into the systems every day to check their schedules, log hours, pick up shifts, and swap shifts. By forcing them to go into several different systems just to do the basics it can become overwhelming and limit their efficiency and productivity. 

The frontline worker experience needs to be in focus. 

Implementing an easy-to-use digital solution where they can log hours, swap shifts, pick up new ones, find training, and even communicate and get important information and updates will do wonders for your frontline workers.

The power of combined data

Unless you’re a data analyst or engineer who loves to pull data from different systems and find a way to combine it all and make sense out of it…wouldn’t it be nice to just have everything in one place already to do the analysis? 

Having an all-in-one WFM solution means just that. 

For example, if you have task management and scheduling in the same application, you can use the scheduling data and the data from the tasks when creating the new schedule. And, you can use the information about the booked shifts and satisfaction with the schedule from the frontline workers when you create future schedules. This allows frontline workers to impact their schedules with their own qualitative data. 

There is another data element that is going to be super important. Compliance. Having a tool that incorporates compliance laws and data from each operating region means greater trust between the employee and employer, and keeps everyone safe.

Trying it all together

All-in-one workforce management solutions are the way of the future. A WFM solution with everything in one place will help you streamline costs, boost employee engagement, and tap into the magic of combined data. On top of all that, having an all-in-one solution can be a key differentiator in attracting and retaining top talent. 

If you're ready to embrace the all-in-one WFM revolution, start by evaluating your current tech stack and identify areas where you can consolidate. Look for a solution that is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, and provides a superior experience for both employees and managers.


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