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7 ways startups have changed business

Startups have become a global phenomenon. They’ve changed the way we do business, they’ve changed the way best talent looks for career opportunities ..

Startups have become a global phenomenon. They’ve changed the way we do business, they’ve changed the way best talent looks for career opportunities and they’ve changed the focus towards the end-user and the product.

From Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram to Angry Birds becoming the most successful paid-for app of all time, the past few years have been full of examples of startup successes. And typically startups have thrived in the post-crash economic climate, relying on their wit, entrepreneurship and determination in order to succeed.

There are many things that can be learnt from the success of startups; ways of doing business that are different from traditional methods. These new methods, pioneered by Millennials, are empowering employees and customers to a greater degree than ever before.

Here’s seven lessons we can all learn from successful start-ups:

1. Put innovation at the forefront

Innovation is key. Innovation means doing something new, different, smarter or better to make a positive difference. The best startups are innovators; the people who aren’t afraid to try something that’s never been done before and who believe anything is possible.


2. Keep it simple

Successful startups do one thing and they do it really well. Their user interface is built around simplicity and the design is seamless. They will have identified one clear problem and then created a product to solve that one problem. They avoid too many features too quickly, instead choosing to roll them out in a clear road map.


3. Have passion for the product

Meet anyone who works for a startup and they will love their product. It will be something they believe in, that drives them and they want to tell everyone about. Passion in the product is one of the most important drivers for success.


4. Put the right people together

Startups excel in putting the right people together. They find the people who have the passion needed to succeed and then create a dream team from them. Experience and knowledge are important but startups are more flexible in their recruitment, often seeking the ‘right fit’ ahead of the ‘right skills.’


5. Leave the ego at the door

Lateral working is a key feature from many strong startups. There is a flexible structure and everyone is given an equal footing. If passionate, talented and ambitious people all come together under one roof it’s important they feel they are listened to and are empowered. There’s no room for egos.


6. Put the user first

Believing in the product is one thing but it’s only half the battle. The end-user has to come first. This is who the product is for. Traditional businesses can have a tendency to forget this and view themselves as more important than their customers. This shouldn’t ever be true and startups have proved time and again that crafting a product the user wants will generate the most success.


7. Create your culture

Creating a culture and an atmosphere that employees want to be part of is one of the strongest traits of a startup company. The dream team care about each other. They celebrate successes together. They play ping pong in the office. The smile often, laugh more and always go the extra mile for their colleagues.

These are the lessons we’ve learnt at Quinyx and the ones we apply to our work each and every day.


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