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A recipe for successful Workforce Management

Managers don’t have it easy. It takes a lot of work to manage a business of any size, and most people have no idea just what it takes to keep a ..

Managers don’t have it easy. It takes a lot of work to manage a business of any size, and most people have no idea just what it takes to keep a company, and it’s staff, running successfully.

The manager’s job is dominated by a series of variables. From managing employee schedules and time recording to payroll ND performance monitoring, these tasks are subject to change at the last minute. This makes for a frustrating, and sometimes near-impossible task.

This is one of the key drivers in businesses turning to workforce management software. Good software takes the stress out of scheduling, monitoring and recording. In fact, workforce management software encompasses all the activities needed to maintain a productive workforce.

Here is our recipe for the ultimate workforce management success…



Whether it’s assigning tasks to employees or communicating last minute shift changes, successful staff management depends on clear communication. However, changes can arise quickly and when you have a large number of employees to manage, communication is an uphill battle.

This is where workforce management software becomes invaluable. With the ability to send messages to your employees via sms or email, communicating important messages directly and quickly is easy.

So you can switch your employees’ shifts and find last minute replacements with confidence that your employees will receive the message.



Let’s face it, scheduling can be a nightmare. It takes a very unique skillset to be able to produce effective and functional schedules, and it can be a frustrating process when faced with those last minute, unexpected changes such as an employee falling sick. Sinking time into the ongoing management of a schedule can also mean that other equally important tasks can be neglected.

One person simply can’t do it alone. An online scheduler makes it quick and easy to determine who works what shift and when. Annual leave and sick leave can be plugged in, and your schedule will be automatically updated. What could be simpler?



As a manager, it may feel like sometimes you need a crystal ball to look into the future. Predicting demand, how many staff you will need and other future needs requires a bit of guesswork, and a lot of analysis of your previous sales trends and budgets.

Making a successful forecast is easy with workforce management software. By reviewing your historical data, the software can automatically create an optimal schedule with the help of advanced forecast algorithms and rules. Plus, you can easily create reports to compare your expected sales with your actual outcomes.



Every minute counts. When employees fail to record their time correctly, it can be very costly for the company, affecting your future budgets and capacity for growth. As a workforce manager, it can be challenging to ensure that your employees are staying on top of their time recording. The trick is to make it as easy as possible for your employees to track their time.

Workforce management software helps to eliminate manual time reporting. Your employees can clock in via their mobiles or at the workplace, so you can gain an accurate overview of time and costs, both in real-time and in reports.

Quinyx Workforce Management software even features location-based time reporting which prevents employees from clocking in once they are a certain distance from the workplace.



Staff planning and sounds finances go hand in hand. Good budgeting requires the ability to compare planned costs against results to be able to carry out accurate resource planning for the future.

With workforce management software, you can follow up and compare different budgets all with a simple click of a button. By combining forecasting tools with budgeting tools, you have a powerful method of keeping every penny in check.


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