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Building a culture...and why it matters

Let’s get this clear from the start: culture is never done. These are the words of Magnus Olausson, the Chief Operating Officer at Quinyx. What he ..

Let’s get this clear from the start: culture is never done.

These are the words of Magnus Olausson, the Chief Operating Officer at Quinyx. What he means is that creating a culture, maintaining it and helping it grow is a job that will never finish. It requires constant work and attention from business leaders, senior management teams and the employees themselves.

For any business, anywhere, culture should be a top priority. Why? Because businesses who make it a top priority always perform better than their competitors. A good culture means happier employees and happier employees mean better work and a more successful business.

As Quinyx HR Manager Karin Wintle says: “Culture, and keeping a great culture, is everything in fast moving companies. A successful company will create a culture where there's room for ideas and more importantly where ideas are acted upon. They’ll always include their employees and make sure they feel they can speak freely."

If we accept culture is never done, here’s ways we can work to improve it and help it grow:

Define your purpose.

And fill this purpose with your ambitions, your hopes and your dreams. Dare to change the world and then communicate this to your employees in a way they can understand, relate to and move forward to make a reality. The clarity of your purpose sets the framework for everything which will follow.

Lead by example.

Everyone who runs a business, and the leadership teams who set the tone for the direction the company is moving in, have to be the embodiment of the culture. And the best way to do this is by enjoying work with positivity, enthusiasm and expertise. Collectively, we look to our leaders to inspire us, to lead us and help us become better versions of ourselves. If your business leaders do this, then your culture will flourish.

Give employees ownership.

Employees form the groundswell of support which will define how successful a corporate culture is. This means they have to be involved in creating it as well as owning it. To do this, listen to their wants and give them a voice. Whether it’s monthly company-wide meetings with the CEO like we do here or other clear channels of communication, it’s vital to listen to your employees. Do this and they will immediately feel more valued.  

Have empathy.

Put people first. Empathy isn’t just caring about people, it’s about understanding them. This emotional understanding or emotional intelligence is key to producing high performing teams. It will help you communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts swiftly and lead to stronger, more productive relationships.   

Work together, play together.

Find time to laugh with each other and enjoy each other’s company. It might be a table tennis competition, an innovation day or regular socials outside of the office. Not only does this benefit your current employees but it also makes your business an attractive place to work. Employees who enjoy work will always perform better than those who don’t.

Remember culture is never done and will always need time dedicated to it. And always make sure it stays top of your priority list. Businesses with great cultures find success comes to them naturally and are loved by their employees as well as their customers.

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