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The benefits of employee engagement

Every business should strive to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. This experience is much more than purchasing a product; it’s ..

Every business should strive to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. This experience is much more than purchasing a product; it’s the combination of every element involved in this purchase, from the sales and marketing to the ongoing support.

Brands strive to create a memorable experience for their customers because it’s great for business. It helps form loyal and passionate customers who, as well as driving repeat business, are also much more likely to recommend the product or service to their network based on the positive experience they receive.

When it comes making your customers love your business, the quality of your product and the experience your customers receive are right at the top of the list. And it’s your employees who are key to keeping quality high and customer experience exceptional.

Communication, attentiveness, trust and support are all integral to delivering great customer service. However, engaged and happy employees are even more important as they will naturally deliver an enhanced experience to your customers.

Last year, Airbnb’s Chief Human Resource Officer became their Chief Employee Experience Officer, with the aim of  “designing an extraordinary physical, emotional, intellectual, virtual, and aspirational experience for Airbnb employees.”

The move marks an ongoing shift within leading companies who are adopting an ‘employee first’ approach rather than the traditional focus which has always been firmly placed on the customer. For them, it’s a win-win situation; not only do they have happier, more productive and more engaged employees, they also having higher levels of customer satisfaction as a result of this.

For Airbnb, the goal is to give their employees an experience in the workplace that’s as memorable as the experiences their customers have when staying in an Airbnb property.

The same is true at Quinyx. We help our customers enjoy work through better workforce management. And we help our employees enjoy work by delivering a workplace experience firmly rooted in our enjoy work ethos.

We do this in the following ways:

Different spaces

Whether it’s working at a stand-up desk, in one of our break-out spaces or in our stunning new kitchen, we aim to provide our employees with flexible workspaces which they can tailor to their needs. We know sometimes being away from a regular desk can help with inspiration and creativity.

Food feasts

From regular office breakfasts to the staff favorite ‘Sweet Friday,’ we know the importance food holds, not just in fueling our staff, but bringing them together.

Health kicks

As well as encouraging a healthy workplace and different forms of activities outside of work we also have a regular Health & Wellbeing week. Looking after your employees’ mental and physical health is one of the most important factors in having great employee engagement.


We have a transparent culture, especially when it comes to finances, our vision and our goals. This helps our staff develop a wider understanding of where the business is heading and the role they play in making it happen.

Having fun

It might be a quick game of table tennis, a quarterly kick-off day or our monthly meetups. Whatever it is we try to make sure our staff have fun while they are working.


We aspire to change the way people work and to be the catalyst in this revolution by producing a workforce management system which has the power to change our customers’ lives.

Put employee engagement at the heart of your business and everyone will benefit from it. The business will have harder working employees, the employees will be happier and more productive, the quality of your product will continue to improve and your customers will always receive an experience they love.

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