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Reduce costs, improve efficiency & have motivated employees

We’re kicking 2017 off in style by hosting two ‘power breakfasts’ in two different countries with workforce management the top item on the menu. The ..

We’re kicking 2017 off in style by hosting two ‘power breakfasts’ in two different countries with workforce management the top item on the menu.

The first event will take place in Oslo on January 24th, in conjunction with our partners Amesto Solutions, while the second event will take place in London on February 22nd. Each event will provide expert insight into the latest developments concerning workforce management, be full of discussions around best practice and, to top it off, there’ll be a delicious breakfast thrown in.

We’ll be covering three key areas on how better workforce management can benefit your business. These are; how to reduce costs, how to improve efficiency and how to have motivated employees.

Here’s a taster of what to expect…

Reducing costs

Using workforce management software for your business will bring with it a host of benefits. These will often include improved efficiency and productivity, better compliance, reduced absenteeism and even better engagement and morale. Yet we know the key question on your lips is likely to be: “How will this save my business money?”

The answer will always vary from business to business. However, we find many businesses we work with have labour as one of the highest percentages of their total costs and this is always the best place to start when it comes to making smarter savings.

Through smarter schedules, working at optimal staffing levels and saying goodbye to unnecessary admin, there are easy savings to made. In fact, according to a study from the Aberdeen Group, businesses using a workforce management solution see a 6% reduction in payroll errors while at the same time increasing the customer facing time of their managers by 20%.

With better workforce management you’ll be able to more effectively manage your staff, control your labour costs in real-time and spend more time focussing on your customers.

Improving efficiency

A workforce management solution is one of the best ways to save time and improve efficiency. London City Airport are based in the centre of the UK’s capital and pride themselves and being one of the most efficient, and quickest, airports in Europe. Michelle Truss, the HR Airside Business Partner, says since they began using Quinyx to create their rosters, they’ve seen a significant time saving.

“Manual rostering used to take a couple of days a week for various different departments across the airport,” she said. “And that’s without all the upkeep of shift changes and annual leave. Since we started using Quinyx it’s reduced the time it’s taken us to do this by around 50%.”

This is just one example of how great workforce management can make your business more efficient.

Motivating employees

Every business wants their employees to be motivated and engaged. A good workforce management solution will help you achieve this. When you throw into the mix the ability to swap shifts, claim available shifts, update working preferences and even apply for leave from a mobile app, then it’s easy to see what a powerful game-changer it can be when it comes to empowering your staff. It’s also a hugely powerful communication tool with London City Airport also reporting that their annual staff survey had an 80% response rate (more than double the previous year) thanks to Quinyx.

This is just a small taster of what’s in store at our Power Breakfasts. These are free events and all our welcome. If you’d like to register for Oslo, you can do so here.



What’s clear is we’re now entering a world where self-driving cars will soon become the norm, drones will run logistic services and where intelligent workforce management software is an absolute necessity for companies looking to stay ahead of their competition.. For businesses, the challenge is now to adapt or risk being left behind.


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