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How to be a better manager

When it comes to business, we focus our energy on trying to do it better. We strive to improve our productivity, become more efficient and more ..

When it comes to business, we focus our energy on trying to do it better. We strive to improve our productivity, become more efficient and more successful.

We talk about how we can achieve this through having better business systems, embracing changes in technology and creating strong, positive working cultures. This is all true but the success of any business depends on a large part to the strength of its management.

There’s no point in building a dream team of employees if they don’t have faith in the people managing the team. The businesses who enjoy the most success are the ones where the employees implicitly trust the management. And the job of the manager is to turn this trust and talent into performance.

Here are ten steps to becoming a better manager:

1. Listen

The best managers are the best listeners. Listen to your team. Listening is the key to understanding. Find out what is unique about each team member, relate to it and then capitalize on it to get the most from their performance.

2. Make the most of someone’s strengths

Once you know your team you can play to their strengths. Like a game of chess, put the right pieces in the right place at the right time and make sure they are doing the right job. Get people doing what they enjoy and what they are good at and they will perform better.

3. Celebrate

Celebrate together as a team when key milestones are hit, targets are reached and expectations are exceeded. Celebration helps reinforce self-motivation and drive in all team members.

4. Remain calm

As Rudyard Kipling said: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…yours is the Earth, and everything in it.” The best managers always remain calm, no matter what. They don’t lose their tempers or become frustrated, they find ways of solving the problem.

5. Delegate effectively

Sometimes management can feel like trying to solve a 3D puzzle while wearing a blindfold. The best managers accept they won’t be able to do everything themselves and then find the best way of engaging their team to help.

6. Be consistent

There’s nothing more infuriating than an inconsistent manager. One day they are on top of the world and the next is a disaster. Good managers are consistent in all they do, making it far easier for employees to trust them.

7. Find time to laugh

The best managers don’t take things too seriously and find the time to laugh and smile. They are just as happy laughing at themselves as they are greeting their employees with a smile.

8. Have exceptional time management

Managers often feel time pressures the most which is why they must have exceptional time management. Time is precious, remember to treat it that way.

9. Be open to change

Change is the only constant which is why we need to embrace it and not fear it. Successful managers are flexible in their work, they adapt and enjoy trying out new ideas.

10. Expect the best

The exemplary managers always expect the best; both from themselves and from their team. The teams who excel are the ones who expect and demand the best out of each other.

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