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How to build a dream team

When it comes to business, delivering exceptional quality, cultivating innovation and having a passionate culture all stem from the teams behind it. ..

When it comes to business, delivering exceptional quality, cultivating innovation and having a passionate culture all stem from the teams behind it.

The best performing teams are the ones who work in balance and harmony together. They understand how to balance their individual needs with those of the collective and ‘buy in’ to shared goals and successes.

But it’s no easy task to assemble and motivate a dream team while at the same time keeping them happy and engaged. Great teams operate seamlessly and stick together, no matter what, both in triumph and adversity.

Building great teams is a skill and something that takes time and effort to get right. These tips will help create exceptional teams who will deliver better results.

Find the right mix

Everybody is different and strong teams reflects this. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why finding the right mix of people is vital. The talented mixologist will create a perfectly balanced drink by blending different flavours together in the right proportions. When we craft our teams, this is what we should aim to do.

Team build together

Whether it’s through traditional team building days or through kick-off days, there is inherent value in spending time together as a team in a setting outside of the office. It will give you chance to learn more about your colleagues, understand what makes them tick and identify the most effective ways of working together.

Learn from sports

Sports consistently produces outstanding teams. From the way a championship rowing crew moves in perfect time together to the sacrifices pro cyclists make for their team leader, sport teaches us how teams can perform better through trust, a clearly identified goal and a common purpose.

Understand the roles we play

When we know what we’re meant to be doing, we tend to perform better at it. This come from clarity in communication but also in each element of the team having an explicit understanding of what their role is and how it relates to a bigger whole. The clock turns when all the cogs move together by doing the right job at the right time.

Give talent the opportunity to thrive

Having ambitious team members is a good thing. And usually ambition and talent go hand in hand. Provide your talented team members with a clear development plan so they can see a mapped-out route for their progression and how they can achieve it.

Be an attractive proposition

Make sure your company is desirable to the very best potential employees. People should want to come and work for you. Create a buzz through the way you operate so you stand out from an increasingly crowded market place. It’s good to be great.

Alongside all of this, you should be inspired by your team. They should help lift you to new heights so you grow together as a cohesive unit.


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