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Is your business ready for summer?

Temperatures are on the rise, the sun is coming out and blue skies are on the horizon. Summer is nearly here and for many businesses the next 12 ..

Temperatures are on the rise, the sun is coming out and blue skies are on the horizon. Summer is nearly here and for many businesses the next 12 weeks will be the busiest of the year.

If your business falls into this category then being prepared for a busy summer season is a must. With the right preparation, you have the perfect opportunity to deliver a fantastic end product, a high value experience to your customers and significant improvements to your bottom line.

Across Europe, we typically see peaks in summer business when it comes to attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars and airports. The travel, leisure and tourism industry booms through the summer with businesses seeing more customers, employing more staff and enjoying greater turnover.

Innovative and forward-thinking companies are adopting new technologies in order to maximise the potential of their busiest season. One of the ways companies are doing this is by investing in a better workforce management solution.

Good workforce management is about getting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right task. This is particularly important within travel, leisure and tourism where there are high numbers of seasonal staff, all with different staffing agreements.


Finding the balance between over-staffing and under-staffing

Trying to manage this process manually has always been a challenge. Automated workforce management systems grew out of the need to forecast and schedule more quickly than was possible manually, and to take into account real-time issues, like an increased footfall in peak seasons.

The best workforce management solutions are able to strike the right balance of predicting the level of work coming in and identifying the best ratio of staff to customers to deliver the best results.

Forecasting and scheduling is a balancing act between over- staffing and under-staffing. If there are too many staff, the staff themselves will suffer from boredom by not having enough to do and your payroll costs will be unnecessarily high.

If you have too few employees working, every employee will have more stress to deal with which is usually accompanied by a drop in morale and productivity. Alongside this, the quality of the experience you give your customers will fall.

Finding the right balance is crucial and this is what workforce management software does for you.


Making the most of the opportunity

A good 12 week run through the summer can be the difference to having a hugely successful year. By preparing correctly you can make your business more efficient and more productive, you can save yourself time and you will see results that go straight to the bottom line.

Not only will this benefit your business but it will benefit your customers because you’ll be able to apply all your focus, passion and expertise on delivering a quality product and experience.


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