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What makes a good leader and why is it important?

A good leader inspires, motivates and challenges their staff while at the same time bringing them together and driving them forward with a unified ..

A good leader inspires, motivates and challenges their staff while at the same time bringing them together and driving them forward with a unified purpose.

In business, good leadership is one of the key drivers for success. Let’s say you’ve got a killer product, a great team and a fantastic service. All this can easily be undermined by bad leadership. On the flip side, strong leadership can help propel a company and a team from being good to being great. And being great is something that sets us apart from the competition.

But what qualities do good leaders have? What is it that sets them apart? And what is that makes them special?


They understand people

Good leaders understand people and can empathise with them, whether they are on the bottom rung or at the top of the ladder. Leaders know what words to use and when to use them. They have an innate understanding of when someone needs to hear words of praise or needs additional motivation. They haveemotional intelligence which allows them to understand their workforce.


They inspire

By their very nature, good leaders should inspire people. They should lead by example and become the embodiment of their company’s values. They inspire their staff to do more and to go the extra mile by doing so themselves. This helps their team of talent stay focussed on the goals ahead and strive to meet them. inspirational leaders keep morale high and sow the seeds for a positive and productive working environment.


They are born communicators

The great leaders communicate clearly and confidently. They are able to articulate their vision and their ideas. They welcome ideas from all areas of the business and are great listeners. Making sure employees feel heard is key to keeping them motivated, engaged and, as a result, more productive.


They are positive, confident and enthusiastic

Positivity, confidence and enthusiasm are contagious. They flow from the top down and help create trust, faith and respect. It’s because of this that where they lead, others will follow.


They raise the bar

For a good leader, success is second nature and they strive to deliver excellence across all areas. They are not afraid of asking for more, of maximising potential and constantly raising standards. Their commitment is unflinching as is their desire to succeed.


They can laugh

Having a sense of humour is one of the most underrated qualities of a good leader. It’s not just about being able to laugh but it’s about having the self awareness to be able to laugh at themselves when appropriate. This helps make them more real and more approachable.


They can make the right decisions

Decision making often comes down to intuition and good leaders are instinctive decision makers. Making the right decision in high-pressured situations is no easy skill. Equally, making the right decisions about how to invest in the company, how to invest in the workforce and how to improve the business are not easy and require a calm, level head.


They have a clear picture of their company

Having a top-down view of how their company operates makes leaders much more effective. They understand the problems their company faces and they know how to tackle them. They also have a clear road map which they’ve communicated effectively to their dream team of employees.

At Quinyx, we specialise in helping leaders and managers grow stronger by providing them with the solutions they need to better understand all aspects of their business. We give them knowledge of their core business functions so they can understand how their business works and how to drive it forward.

Good leaders are passionate, innovate and have the highest quality standards; three things at Quinyx we believe are imperative for good business.


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