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Scheduling software - What to look

Great workforce management is built on the cornerstone of great scheduling. A good schedule can help keep your customers happy, your staff engaged ..

Great workforce management is built on the cornerstone of great scheduling. A good schedule can help keep your customers happy, your staff engaged and your business profitable.

Gone are the days when schedules have to be created manually. Now you can save time, money and energy by using intelligent software to create your rota. There are many different options of scheduling software on the market and half the battle is finding the one that’s right for you. So what should you look for in your scheduling software?

Start with answering the following questions: 

  • How many staff do you have to schedule?
  • How many different shift patterns do you have?
  • How often are you creating new schedules?
  • How much time is it currently taking you?
  • What happens when changes are made to the schedule?
  • Who is responsible for managing it?
  • Where is the schedule kept?
  • How and when is it communicated to your staff?
  • Does it integrate with other core functions like budgeting, time management and payroll?

By answering the above you’ll begin to get a clear idea of where you are with your current scheduling and how it can be improved. You’re looking for a solution which will benefit your business both commercially and operationally.

We’d recommend looking for a solution which can do the following:

CreaTe intelligent rotas

You want a solution that can create reliable and intelligent staff schedules that are optimised to match your business practices. This includes automatically creating a rota based on the rules and permissions you set, ensuring your rota is compliant and taking into consideration any requests from your staff.

One rota in one place

Quinyx is a cloud-based solution which brings with it a host of benefits like automatic software updates and easy scalability. Alongside this, you only ever have one rota and it’s stored in one place meaning there are never any duplicates and the risk of incorrect scheduling is dramatically reduced.

Adapt to changes

It’s rare a rota will be published and then nothing on it changes. Keeping track of these changes can be an administrative burden, from recording the hours one of your employees actually worked compared to their schedule, to finding a replacement if someone is absent. Again, by having all of this in one place and also being easily able to communicate this to your staff will make your life simpler and your business better.

Seamless integration

True workforce management software extends far beyond scheduling. It allows you to integrate core functions like your budgeting and payroll. Advanced systems like Quinyx also provide huge insights into how your business is performing, allowing you to visualise the data and metrics that matter to you.

Improve communication

Quinyx also comes with a mobile app which works across iOS and Android devices. This means you can control your business from your phone and makes it incredibly easy for your staff to see when they are working, submit leave requests, swap shifts and communicate with you and each other.


First and foremost you need to find a solution you’ll be happy using. This means researching the market, talking to providers and making sure all the functionality you need is present . We’ve seen the impact good workforce management software can have on a business. Our team will always be happy to speak to you so if you’d like to see how it can benefit your business get in touch.

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