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The benefits of strategic workforce planning

According to research carried out by businesses who implement a workforce management solution will see, on average, a 6-10% cost saving in ..

According to research carried out by businesses who implement a workforce management solution will see, on average, a 6-10% cost saving in under 12 months.

This impact is as significant as it is immediate. The solution will more than pay for itself within the first year and, with implementation easier than ever before, there are few barriers to bringing in a workforce management solution or changing to a new one.

So where do these savings come from and what are the most common benefits we see after a solution has been implemented? The following list, with figures from the research, will show you seven ways a workforce management solution will immediately benefit your business:

1. Increased administrative efficiency

Nearly 60% of organisations who took part in the research say they see an improvement in their administrative efficiency. A workforce management solution will automate key processes and save time, particularly for managers, every single day. Labour intensive tasks become automated and this is where the biggest time savings are made.

2. Cost saving

For most businesses labour costs form one of the biggest fixed overheads. Savings can be made by being able to control these costs more effectively, from managing overtime to creating smarter schedules. Again, 60% of businesses said cost saving was the most common benefit they saw within the first year of using a workforce management solution.

3. Improved compliance

Working time directives and workers rights can make scheduling complex and time consuming. 42% of business said they had improved compliance and less scheduling errors from using a workforce management solution

4. Better customer satisfaction

What isn’t always immediately apparent is that investing in a workforce management solution is also a great way to invest in your customers. Because of the time saved by managers (on average 9 hours a week) they are able to spend more time running and growing your business which leads to a better customer experience and happier customers.  

5. Improved employee productivity

In the survey, 40% said the boost in productivity a workforce management solution brought them was the biggest benefit. When better efficiency is combined with an improvement in productivity it usual means revenue grows, costs are saved and businesses become more profitable.

6. Reduced absenteeism

Workforce management solutions mean leave and absence management are all centralised. In the UK, the problem of absenteeism is growing, with the estimated cost of absence now exceeding £30 billion. Nearly 40% of businesses say since investing in a workforce management solution they have seen a decrease in absenteeism.

7. Powerful business insight

Nearly two thirds of business leaders say they have a better insight into their business from using a workforce management solution. From the number of sick days taken to the number of hours worked against those budgeted, they are able to see and influence real time data to manage their businesses more effectively.

Every business has different pain points which is why the biggest impact varies from case to case. What we know is every business using a workforce management will save money. The job of our team of experts is to help you find the areas where the cost saving will have the biggest impact and then work with you to implement the best solution.

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