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How hotels are managing their workforce more effectively

On October 18th and 19th we’ll be heading to the Independent Hotel Show in London where we’ll be helping hoteliers understand how a workforce ..

On October 18th and 19th we’ll be heading to the Independent Hotel Show in London where we’ll be helping hoteliers understand how a workforce management solution can help improve the way they run their hotels.

The Independent Hotel Show is the UK’s premier business event for luxury and boutique hotels. It’s a firm fixture in the calendar of independent hoteliers and industry professionals bringing over 300 innovative product and service providers together as well providing expert insight through their seminar programme.

As we approach the show we’ll be using our blog to look a different ways hotels can deliver a better customer experience, optimize their operations and develop an edge on their competition.

Hotels face the challenge of high staff turnover, increased competition (especially from the likes of Airbnb) and changing expectations of the customer. The best hotels are always those who stay ahead of the competition by delivering an exceptional experience for their customers. Increasingly, hotels are finding new and exciting ways of doing this, particularly through the use of innovative technology.

The best hotels have always been hot-beds of new technology and technological advances have always propelled the industry forward. Now is no exception. From using virtual reality in their marketing to rolling out ‘smart controls’ which allow their guests to control the environment of their room through an app, technology is playing a big part in redefining the customer experience.

And it’s not just the customer experience tech is helping to redefine. Intelligent business solutions like Quinyx are being used to help hotel operators improve efficiencies, deliver a better customer service and improve their levels of staff retention, among many other benefits.

Hotel face a unique set of challenges including operating 24/7, seasonal staff levels and complex schedules. When this is combined with ever-growing expectations from guests, the need to keep a competitive edge becomes even greater.

That’s why many hotels are using a workforce management solution to do the following:

Control labour costs and staffing levels

Solutions like Quinyx offer hotel operators the ability to be able to see, at a glance, how their schedule is performing when compared to budget, how much they are spending on labour and how many hours are being used. This enables them to make better decisions on how to staff their hotel in the most effective and efficient way.

Budget and forecast more accurately

The same tool allows hoteliers to create more accurate forecasts. This leads to fewer mistakes and a reduced margin for error. In fact, with future developments, workforce management solutions will make recommendations on staffing levels by interpreting historical data and using it to generate an a accurate forecast.

Improved task management

Every hotel is going to have a certain number of tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. Task management is an important part of better workforce management. By being able to see what is being done, when it’s being done and who is doing hoteliers have a complete overview, in real-time, of what work is being completed.

Save time

By automating manual and labour-intensive processes like scheduling, hotel managers are able to make significant time savings each week. This enables them to spend more time front of house working with their staff to improve the experience of their guests.

Alongside this, Quinyx is also able to integrate with other software used by hotels, dramatically increasing the amount of business intelligence available to hoteliers.

If you’re heading to the Independent Hotel Show this year and would like to find out more about about how we can help improve the way you run your hotel then come and find the Quinyx stand; we’d love to talk to you.

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