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Too Many Logins? Why app overwhelm is bad for your business

Bogged down by app overwhelm? Here's why a single Workforce Management is the #1 solution to getting out of the hole.

In today's fast-paced world, technology has become essential for companies to optimize their operations and increase productivity. This is especially true for companies that employ frontline workers in industries such as retail, hospitality, and logistics and warehousing. 

Work apps have become an essential tool for frontline employees who typically do not have access to work email. These apps provide a means of communication, access to work schedules, and facilitate the completion of tasks during shifts. Additionally, they allow for continuous learning at the convenience of the user's hand-held device.

Navigating through the endless ocean of technologies, apps, and solutions can be a real headache when it comes to figuring out what and where to invest. It's crucial to cut through the noise and ditch those lookalike technologies that drain your funds. In fact, Forrester Consulting found that 52% of organizations use 4 to 6 apps to communicate with their employees! And in many cases, the technology implemented isn’t truly fit-for-purpose, as shown in our most recent 2023 State of the Frontline Workforce report, where despite the high number of tech available, 70% of workers aren’t using an app to swap shifts. 

So what do you do when the tech that was supposed to solve your problems only makes them worse? And no, the answer isn’t to introduce more tech but rather focus on solutions that can solve multiple pain points.  

This is where a single workforce management platform comes in. It's the ultimate solution for companies that need a comprehensive way to manage their frontline workers, communicate effectively with frontline teams, and drive engagement without the added stress and cost of juggling multiple tech solutions. 

The Struggle with Too Many Tech Solutions and Apps

If you're a company that's invested in multiple tech solutions and apps to manage your frontline, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of them all. With different login credentials and interfaces to navigate, it's easy for workers to feel overwhelmed and confused: two factors that tank adoption rates and contribute greatly to added stress in the workplace, where 96% of frontline workers reported feeling stressed on the job. And stress comes with a host of other problems like high turnover, an increase in overtime hours as workers have to make up hours for those who have left, lack of motivation, and the cycle of stress continues. 

On top of that, implementing too many apps and tech can actually hinder productivity. Employees may end up spending more time switching between various tools than actually getting their work done. This can lead to frustration, burnout, and ultimately impact their job satisfaction and performance.

The Benefits of a Single Workforce Management App

A single workforce management app offers a comprehensive solution to managing your frontline workers, all in one place. You can handle scheduling, time and attendance, task management, and communication, all without switching between different apps or interfaces. 

By meeting your workers where they are, you can directly address their needs, eliminate confusion—a necessity since over 80% of frontline workers are using external communication solutions where employers have zero oversight—and ultimately encourage adoption. 

A single workforce management app is a game-changer for organizations that employ frontline workers. Using a single solution allows you to manage your workforce in one place, optimize their performance as well as that of the business, and lower costs by eliminating the long list of tech solutions and decreasing overtime costs by 50%. Finally, managers and employees can navigate an app with ease, increasing productivity, job satisfaction, and engagement. 

The key to making it all happen is knowing where to start. But we can help you there…


We spoke to frontline employees in the US about what they need in the workplace and the initiatives that make them stay. See what they had to say and reap the rewards of a committed and engaged workforce!  


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