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What does the future hold for workforce management software?

“This is only the beginning. We stand at an intersection of cloud computing, mobile technology and big data. Together, these three things will enable ..

“This is only the beginning. We stand at an intersection of cloud computing, mobile technology and big data. Together, these three things will enable astonishing innovation.” - Erik Fjellborg, Quinyx Founder & CEO

At Quinyx we have around 200,000 users, a number that’s growing all the time. This gives us a deep insight into how companies across industries are using workforce management to optimise their businesses, improve performance, save time, maximise profit and enjoy work.

According to figures from TechNavio Analysis, the global workforce management industry will have tripled in size between 2010 and 2020. The growth is being driven by the healthcare, retail and hospitality industries. The growth rate is so high because businesses using a workforce management tool tend to be:

  • More efficient and productive.
  • Leaders in their industries.
  • Fantastic places to work.
  • Excellent communicators.

But what does the future hold and where will the industry be heading next? One of the biggest drivers behind more and more businesses using a workforce management solution is the insight it gives them to the performance of their workforce. This is why we developed Quinyx Insights, an analytic solution so user-friendly that anyone can use it to create visual representations of their most important metrics and discover new ways to optimize their business.

And this is just the start. The future of workforce management can be broken down into five different aspects:

1. Intelligence

Intelligent software is already helping to enrich, shape and define our daily lives. From wearable tech to augmented reality, tech is already an extension of ourselves, especially in our personal lives. And it’s becoming increasingly so in business, allowing business leaders to make better decisions due to a more powerful analysis of their data.

2. Usability

The future of workforce management will see businesses spending less time using the solution, not more. Through the intelligence we mentioned previously, the software you use will be able to automate even more processes for you, saving your business even more time through greater efficiencies.

3. Mobile

Mobile technology will continue to transform the workforce management ecosystem. It will enable new features and new ways of working. Having an ‘office in your pocket’ is now an expectation for business managers and leaders as it gives them unprecedented control and access when it comes to running their business.

4. Connections

A major component in software development is the way it can connect and interact with other software. These integrations will provide businesses with improved ways of communicating with their staff, be able to automate even more key processes and offer powerful real-time data across all areas of the business, from HR to operations.

5. Empowerment

Empowered employees are engaged employees and employee engagement is one of the hottest topics of 2016, a trend that looks set to continue. The future of workforce management will help improve employee engagement levels which brings with it a host of benefits to businesses.


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