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Your Secret Weapon for Retail Success

From small brands to multinationals, retailers often face similar challenges. The solution is far simpler than they think.

As retail businesses navigate an ever-evolving landscape, effective communication with frontline teams emerges as the linchpin to success. In our recent webinar, WFM host Jack Pidgeon and Quinyx Retail Operations expert Ned Gammell tackled the pressing issues of employee experience and the cultivation of high-performing store teams. 

Leveraging Clear Communication to Transform Retail Operations

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From poor retail employee engagement to campaigns falling flat, many brands fail to realize the opportunity in their stores due to operational issues. 

One case study discussed in the webinar illustrated how an American brand noticed discrepancies in the performance of a campaign across different stores. Following a campaign postmortem, HQ realized they tended to only check in on top-performing stores. Many stores weren’t deploying the campaign at all, or it was deployed in a way that had no real impact. 

The brand assumed that the work was as good as done since everything had been communicated through the usual channels. But without visiting all the stores, they had no real way of knowing. 

The solution? Not just investing in the campaign but also how it was executed across stores. Brands need to realize that teams in the field can’t be treated as an extension of head office. It’s not just about getting the right information to the right people at the right time but also about making sure the right information is relayed back to the powers that be. 

With Quinyx Frontline Portal, our joint communication and retail task management software, stores can upload visual confirmation when tasks have been completed. Retailers can ensure in-store execution and compliance without requiring field managers to oversee every aspect of operations personally.

The foundations of success

In a 2022 study by Forrester, retail decision-makers were asked to rank their top business priorities. One goal stood out as having a more significant positive impact than all the others. 

Regardless of their size, brands with a positive employee experience were consistently better equipped to weather the storms. From evolving omnichannel requirements back in the day to store expansions and COVID, brands that prioritize employee experience are better positioned to thrive. 

However, with the retail associate experience changing significantly in recent years, driven by changes in how stores are run, new challenges continuously emerge. One such example, highlighted by Ned and resonating with many Quinyx clients, is the case of Leap Inc, a retail platform offering turnkey retail solutions in the New York City area. 

Leap provides brands with floating store associates who seamlessly pick up shifts in various stores as needed. Employees may, for example, work in Brand X in the morning and Brand Y in the afternoon. Upon arrival at each location, they need to get up and running post haste and also effectively communicate with the head office.

While this challenge may seem distinctive to Leap, Ned notes that it’s also common among traditional retailers. Frontline workers often encounter frustration when adapting to different store environments with unfamiliar working practices. 

Innovative solutions are needed to address these evolving needs, ensuring these workers have access to the right content at the right time and allowing head office to track performance. Through tools like Quinyx Frontline Portal, which includes features such as real-time task management, a two-way chat function, and a built-in training platform, brands can empower frontline workers to thrive in new retail environments.


In a world where employee experience is king, technology is the castle. As our understanding of the employee experience grows, so does our recognition of the gaps that require attention and improvement.

Communication does more than make or break a campaign. It enhances employee engagement and experience, ultimately driving organizational success. 

Traditionally, there’s been no one-size-fits-all solution to this challenge. However, with tools like Quinyx Frontline Portal, retailers can streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and improve employee experience across locations. 

Put the information your frontline workers need in their pockets. When they can access the right resources and deliverables in a timely manner, they feel supported and empowered to deliver exceptional service.

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