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Eplehuset is choosing Quinyx as a WFM-solution

Planning shifts and approving employees’ working hours used to take up plenty of time from the managers of Eplehuset. Once they started using Quinyx to plan and manage everyone’s working hours in their 22 locations, managers have been able to significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

is a Norwegian company that is specialized in selling Apple products. Apple products are considered to be very user-friendly and they expect the same from all the solutions they use themselves.They felt Quinyx’s interface lived up to their expectations in being a very user-friendly workforce management solution.

– Our store managers primarily use Quinyx to plan shifts. The employees then use the app to log in their working hours. It really eases our managers’ workload, explains Aleksander Eriksen, the Digital Business Developer at Eplehuset.

Nanett Brixen Johansen works as the Store Manager at one of Eplehuset’s stores at the heart of Oslo. Her responsibilities include planning shifts for 13 employees and finding extra personnel to cover sick leave and any extra shifts.

– Quinyx makes my everyday life easier. I like to work with a system that allows me to plan far ahead. It is also very fast and easy to use and navigate, Johansen praises.

More credibility as an employer

Eplehuset as an employer wants to offer their employees the best possible employee experience. This involves offering their employees systems they can trust completely.

– Our employees need to be able to trust the system they log their working hours into. This way, they can also be sure that they will be paid according to the done hours, Eriksen emphasizes.

When a system is easy to use and make sense of, it helps the employees trust it.

Time and effort saved with efficient planning

Johansen has been impressed by the ease-of-use of Quinyx from the get-go. 

– Quinyx saves me so much time. I simply love the fact that I can plan the foundation for the store’s shifts efficiently, Johansen explains.

As the user-interface is so simple, Johansen can also easily modify the planned shifts and even borrow employees from one of the other 22 Eplehuset locations.

– I can easily check who is on duty today, add an extra shift and get someone from another store to cover that shift. In addition to being efficient in shift planning, I can also approve all working hours within ten minutes when salary is due, she continues.

Eriksen concurs with Johansen.

– We have noticed that our managers spend less administrative time on planning shifts and approving working hours. This frees up their time to focus more on the staff, sales and service, he concludes.

Quinyx makes my everyday life easier.

Nanett Brixen Johansen

Store Manager, Eplehuset