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No matter how complex it is at Diageo, our AI-powered workforce management solution is just the ticket for our scheduling, optimisation, engagement and ensuring labour law compliance.

Stay in control of your labour costs

With economic uncertainty and rising costs in the UK, there has never been a more important time to stay in control of your labour budgets 
  • Maximise productivity and reduce staff costs

  • Increase retention and attraction rates

  • Create the most accurate schedule possible

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Best-of-Breed Workforce Management

Imagine how much more efficient you could be by using Quinyx! We won't lie, we are the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to efficiency, engagement, and performance in large organisations. We integrate easily with HR, Payroll and other business applications to create a perfect multi-tool solution that optimises business performance.
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Benugo team up with Quinyx to support their UK coffee shops

Benugo operate more than 100 coffee shops, restaurants, in-house and public space cafes across the UK and have over 3,000 employees.

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Roadchef uses hyperlocal forecasting to improve schedules

Roadchef choose to use the leading AI-powered WFM solution to accurately create its schedules

Rituals achieves smarter scheduling with Quinyx

Local managers can create accurate schedules quickly, and easily adjust for absences

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Enter your details and we’ll be in touch to book a free, no-obligation demo with you. During your demo, you'll see how Quinyx can help you achieve:
  • A 10% improvement in employee satisfaction

  • A 30% increase in employee productivity

  • Up to 70% less time spent on scheduling admin

Loved by our customers and
their employees

Don’t just take our word for it. Customers and their employees agree that Quinyx helps create both a happier business and happier workforce.
Customer review on Capterra
“We have the possibility to have a quick look at the schedules of about 150 shops and the payroll process changed from 2 days to about an hour now, because of the data we get from the system automatically.”
Customer Review on G2 Crowd
“The system is user friendly and the acceptance among the users has been great so far. I like the intuitive workflow of the deviation handling for the managers and the easy to learn app for the employees.”