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Doctor Care Anywhere have chosen Quinyx as their WFMsolution

May 2021 - Doctor Care Anywhere have chosen the leading AI-powered workforce management solution Quinyx to drive their workforce optimisation.
by Linnea Lindgren
May 2021 - Doctor Care Anywhere have chosen the leading AI-powered workforce management solution Quinyx to drive their workforce optimisation.

Doctor Care Anywhere is a fast-growing digital healthcare service that uses its proprietary technology platform to join up primary, diagnostic and secondary clinical care to provide the best possible patient experience. The organisation currently employs 350+ people throughout the UK but due to their fast growth, they expect to increase that headcount throughout 2021.

For Doctor Care Anywhere, there were many key drivers behind looking for a new workforce management system.  The most important factor was to ensure that the new solution would integrate fully with their existing appointment system. Other requirements included extensive forecasting tools, scalability, reporting, automation, and AI capabilities. In addition, they needed to find a partner who had a deep understanding of their sector and could support them in their mission to deliver the very highest standards of patient care.

The Quinyx workforce management tool will give Doctor Care Anywhere access to a range of functionalities including: Scheduling, Engagement, Time & Attendance, Demand Forecasting, and Labour Optimisation. The integrations will allow Doctor Care Anywhere’s operations team to plan and manage schedules more efficiently and contribute significantly to the delivery of a seamless patient care journey.

Michelle Futter, Chief People Officer at Doctor Care Anywhere said,

“Our focus is on ensuring we provide our patients with the highest quality healthcare experience and clinical care possible. The Quinyx workforce management system will allow us to integrate colleagues’ schedules with our appointment system and manage fluctuations in demand. This means we can better plan our workforce requirements to ensure we continue to provide a responsive, reliable experience for patients as our growth continues.”

Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder of Quinyx, was very happy to have been chosen as the preferred choice for Doctor Care Anywhere. He said,

“We’re very glad to be working with Doctor Care Anywhere and to have been given the opportunity to support them with their fast-growing business. Digital healthcare is more important than ever and we’re looking forward to providing them with more flexible schedules and bringing more efficiency to the business as a whole. With Quinyx’s support, Doctor Care Anywhere can focus more on what they do best, delivering great care to their patients. A warm welcome to the Quinyx family, Doctor Care Anywhere!“


About Doctor Care Anywhere

Doctor Care Anywhere Group plc is a UK-based telehealth company that is committed to delivering the best possible patient experience and clinical care through digitally enabled, joined-up, evidence-based pathways on its proprietary platform. Doctor Care Anywhere utilises its relationships with health insurers, healthcare providers, and corporate customers to connect with patients to deliver a range of telehealth services.

About Quinyx

Quinyx is a leading workforce management solution providing technology that simplifies scheduling, time reporting, communication, task management, budgeting, and forecasting, thanks to AI-driven scheduling automation. Through advanced and flexible features, Quinyx helps more than 850 companies around the world improve efficiency, engage employees, comply with regulations, and reduce labour costs. Quinyx has offices in the UK, US, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia. Its software has also been implemented globally in markets and regions such as Europe, North America, China, Japan, and Korea. Clients include Livi/Kry, HealthHero, Wello, FirstVet, Elysium Healthcare, Well Pharmacy, Certitude, IC24, Vocare, Rituals, Swarovski, DHL, London City Airport, IHG, and Starbucks.