Oatly chooses Quinyx as their Workforce Management provider


Swedish-founded Oatly is famous for it’s plant-based products, which are produced by nutritious oats. Oatly is present in over 20 countries, with Headquarters in Malmö and production facilities in Landskrona, Sweden. The company is preparing for rapid growth, with international production facilities to be opened shortly.

Oatly have decided to implement Quinyx as a workforce management provider to support both their flexible workforce and growth plans. Quinyx will be used for employee scheduling, time & attendance.

Oatly’s planned expansion requires a workforce management solution that meets several countries' specific compensation rules. For example, overtime or uncomfortable working hours. In addition, it is important that Oatly will be able to offer their staff the opportunity to switch and change work rotas as desired, and to be able to plan staffing based on production needs.

Oatly is a modern and innovative company, and it therefore became natural to strive for a mobile and cloud-based solution to facilitate the daily lives of its employees.

At Quinyx, we are proud to be a part of Oatly's continued success.

Johanna Fagerstedt, CMO at Quinyx