Prince Daniel visit Quinyx


This week, HRH Prince Daniel visited Quinyx’ headquarters in Stockholm to discuss the Prince Daniel's Fellowship initiative, entrepreneurship and meet with Quinyx’ employees.


During the day, the Prince listen to a presentation of Quinyx’ growth plans and ongoing projects. There were passionate discussions about entrepreneurship, how Sweden as a country should be able attract skilled labor and the importance of initiatives like Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden which includes incubators, advisors and financial solutions focusing on startups.  The reason for the visit is that Erik Fjellborg, Quinyx’ founder and CEO, is a member of Prince Daniel's Fellowship, a long-term cooperation between Prince Daniel, the Royal Science Academy and outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders. The project aims to inspire and support young entrepreneurs while contributing to a society encouraging entrepreneurship and startups. 

"I was very impressed with Erik’s drive and entrepreneurship from the first time we met. We believe in him as an entrepreneur and Quinyx as a company", Prince Daniel.

About Prince Daniel's Fellowship

Prince Daniel's Fellowship and entrepreneurship program aims to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs and to support a number of companies through mentoring. The project is a long-term cooperation between Prince Daniel and the Royal Science Academy (IVA).

Prince Daniel's Fellowship has gathered a group of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who visit high schools, colleges and universities in Sweden to inspire young people and share their experiences as entrepreneurs. Read more about Prince Daniel's Fellowship.

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