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CEO Becomes Restaurant Manager at Vapiano for a Day

Erik Fjellborg, Quinyx Founder & CEO, accepted a challenge from Vapiano to act as the shift leader at one of their largest restaurants in ..
by Mikaela Clavel

Erik Fjellborg, Quinyx Founder & CEO, accepted a challenge from Vapiano to act as the shift leader at one of their largest restaurants in Stockholm on December 15th. It was part of an initiative where Vapiano challenge successful people to become a shift leader for one evening so they can experience the challenges that comes with it.

Vapiano’s mission and vision is to educate and prepare their own staff to become managers through the Vapiano Bootcamp. For most of Vapiano’s young employees, it’s their first experience in the workplace. This is why Vapiano does everything in their power to make sure their first workplace is a good one. As a result of this, the employees enjoy their work and it transfers into great customer service and a smiling workforce, something you’ve surely noticed it if you’ve been to a Vapiano.

Hanna Mannberg, CEO Vapiano, says she never fails to be impressed by the passion shown by her staff.


Hanna Mannberg, CEO at Vapiano

She said: “I’m immensely impressed by our staff who, at a young age, not only cope with a very high tempo, they also handle several tasks and manage the clients at the same time and always with a smile.

“I believe this gives them great amount of experience that can be transferred to any workplace they end up at in the future. Even if the environment or business is different there will always be some key takeaways that are applicable in how you interact with your colleagues and how you, as a manager, should act. For example, the importance of feedback, both positive and negative, and how you give it.”


Erik Fjellborg in the kitchen at Vapiano

Because of the hectic and challenging workplace, Vapiano has chosen to challenge leaders and managers from other industries, and Erik Fjellborg was first in line. The shift started with Erik greeting customers and learning the cashier system but then he tried his hand at bar and the in kitchen.

He said: “I have the utmost respect for everyone who’s working in the restaurant industry, in my line of work we only have to meet one customer at a time, here you have to stay sharp all the time. I think my experience from McDonald’s helped me today and I hope that Kristofer, (project leader at Vapiano) and Hanna are satisfied with my efforts!”.

Thank you Vapiano for an amazing evening!

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