Brexit: 'No deal' car price warning for fleets


London, March 2019 - Fleets are being warned they could face price increases and longer lead times for vehicles and spare parts, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

In terms of the logistics sector, experts are also warning that a disorderly Brexit could result in significant staff shortages, because of immigration policy uncertainty.

New research from workforce management experts at Quinyx found that under any Brexit scenario, employers in the UK’s logistics sector expect to lose, on average, 21% of their blue-collar workforce as a result of the UK’s departure from the EU, with 13% saying they expect to lose 31% or more.

The study, based on economic analysis of ONS data and findings from an employer sentiment survey of 1,008 senior decision-makers, also compared the predicted growth and economic output of the workforce in the logistics sector under both a disorderly and an orderly Brexit scenario.

The study found that the increase in economic output generated by the UK’s logistics workers (in manual roles) would be £9.8 billion per year by 2024 under an orderly Brexit, compared to £3.1bn under a disorderly Brexit. This equates to a 68% reduction or £6.7bn loss per year.

Mansoor Malik, Managing Director of Quinyx, said: “The impact that a disorderly Brexit will have on the UK’s truck drivers, packers and warehouse workers as well as the logistics businesses that employ them is concerning.

“Employers, especially those in the logistics sector, need to make plans to avoid staff shortages in the future.”


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Laurie Pace