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Quinyx Workforce Management Day 2016 Stockholm

On September 22nd, the third consecutive Quinyx Workforce Management Day took place at Operakällaren in the center of Stockholm. The event is an ..
by Fredrik Selander

On September 22nd, the third consecutive Quinyx Workforce Management Day took place at Operakällaren in the center of Stockholm. The event is an opportunity for different companies to discuss Workforce Management as a success factor for profitable businesses with happy employees.

During the day, winners of Quinyx Workforce Management Awards 2016 were appointed. The awards recognise organisations and individuals who have made an exceptional achievement within workforce management. The awards are divided into two categories; the Workforce Management Company of the Year and the Scheduler of the Year.

The Workforce Management Company of the Year

Nominated finalists in this category were Casino Cosmopol, Humana and Rituals.


The winner in this category was Humana with the judges saying; ”Humana has been working proactively for many years to create a simple and effective Workforce Management process som makes the life easier for both employees and customers.

“The employees themselves describe it as if they now have ‘the office in their pockets’. A strong sense of innovation constantly reflects the work of Humana which has resulted in connections to Swedish Social Insurance Agency which has saved them a lot of manual work.

“Humana is a worthy winner of the Workforce Management Awards through their great focus on employees, an engaged and innovative way of working and a passion for always looking at how to improve themselves.”

After receiving the award, Jon Kettis from Humana said: “It feels amazing that what we do get recognised in external events as well. First and foremost, I would like to thank the dedicated and amazing team who handle the scheduling since they are the ones who have made it possible for us to receive this award.”

The Scheduler of the Year

The nominees for this category was Stina Tylner from Levy Restaurants / Compass Group, Max Ysberg from 3 and Robert Kulka from Tre Stiftelser.

And the winner was Stina Tylner from Levy Restaurants / Compass Group with the judges saying “Stina Tylner has, during more than three years, in her role as an HR Coordinator, been actively working to create a successful scheduling on Tele2 Arena.

“Through great dedication she has actively been working to educate and support her co-workers. She has also managed to pull off the achievement to create a process where the co-workers can book their own shifts and create their own, personal schedules while at the same time making sure that the rights person is at the right place at the right time.

“Stina is, with her great engagement and drive, a true role model and the jury is really looking forward for her next role at Compass Group where she will have an even greater responsibility for the scheduling and implementing Quinyx in more parts of the organisation.”

Stina Tylner said: “It feels really good to receive this award and it’s always fantastic to get recognition for what you do!

“I think the most important thing to have in mind when you create a schedule that can appreciated by both parties is to plan ahead. It’s important for our employees because most of them have more than one job so it’s really important for them to plan their schedule. But it is also important for us so to plan ahead so that we know that we have right staffing for each shift since we give a lot of authority to the employees.”

Thank you to all speakers, partners, exhibitors and everyone else who contributed to create a fantastic day! And of course, congratulations to the winners in Workforce Management Awards 2016! 

Enjoy Work!

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