SurveyMonkey’s UK Managing Director Joins Quinyx


SurveyMonkey’s Managing Director, Mansoor Malik joins as new country manager in the UK at Quinyx. Mansoor has extensive experience in sales and marketing with senior roles in growth companies, primarily in the technology industry and has most recently been on a journey that has taken SurveyMonkey from 15 million to 25 million users in just two years.

Mansoor was hired at Endeca as one of the first team members in Europe to head Alliances and strategic sales. Endeca was one of the leading companies within web commerce and business intelligence solutions to the retail space. Mansoor then led the customer research firm ForeSee for four years as a Managing Director and made the company in to one of the leading british operators in that industry.

- Quinyx has experienced very impressive growth and has only just scraped the surface of the workforce management opportunity, having hired over 60 people last year. The team that is coming together is truly exceptional - creating a welcoming and fun loving culture that makes it a joy to come to work, says Mansoor Malik.

The recruitment of Mansoor is a part of Quinyx’ strategic growth journey, and a recruitment in line with positioning Quinyx on the international SaaS arena. In combination with recent key recruitments from Spotify and Betsson, the combined Quinyx team has an extensive experience from successful international growth journeys.

- Mansoor main responsibility  will be to run the UK market but he will undoubtedly also provide plenty of value and advice to myself, the management team and the entire sales organisation with his experience from building successful growth businesses, says Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder of Quinyx.

Welcome Mansoor and Enjoy Work! 
Niklas Stattin


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