The Future of Workforce Management Workshop


This week, participants from Quinyx’s customers reference group gathered for a one-day workshop about the future workforce management.

"I’m here because it provides a good opportunity to participate and influence the development of the product! It also provides a good opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with users from other industries,”  says Åsa Johansson from Axfood.

The theme of the workshop was fixed schedules, which form the very heart of the scheduling process. The day was led by Malin Lindbom, product owner of Quinyx's new platform NEO, and was combined with brainstorming, the exchange of experiences and group work.

Christian Borg, from Max Hamburger, adds: "It's been fun to listen to all experts from various of industries which has been the biggest experience of the day. It’s great to see how big Quinyx really is."

Quinyx's vision is to become a world leader in workforce management, with the aim of the workshop taking this vision into account.

Malin Lindbom, hailed the day a huge success, praising the insight into how different Quinyx customers work.

"Quinyx’s customers have very different needs, such as how flexible they can be when scheduling employees,” she says. “The percentage of full-time, part-time and extra employees also differs a lot among the different industries.
"We now have the chance to develop the product according to our customers' needs, ensuring our customers remain at the centre of our focus when we develop Quinyx."

The next workshop will be held on February 21, focusing on auto-scheduling.

Mikaela Clavel


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