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Re-optimize your Production & Labor Planning with AI

Always considered production planning a hassle? Dealing with employees in your warehouse that are running around crazily at one moment and casually ..

Always considered production planning a hassle? Dealing with employees in your warehouse that are running around crazily at one moment and casually relaxing the other? Or feel like you’re spending too much on agency staff? Let us introduce you to Labor Production Planning. 


Labor Production Planning is our newest AI solution that is currently available in beta. It maximizes productivity and minimizes labor costs in your warehouses. The solution automatically syncs and plans your equipment usage and workforce capacity for short term schedules and allows you to re-optimize on the day of operations to get the right people at the right time and place.


How does it work you ask? 

We’ve found that companies find it difficult to efficiently plan their labor around their production plan because of equipment and labor constraints. Demand is often volatile and requires continuous rescheduling. Understaffing and overstaffing is therefore common and leads to unproductivity and high costs spent on agency staff and/or overtime. Labor Production Planning translates future and incoming orders into a required headcount suitable to the way shifts are rotated throughout the day by flattening and minimizing demand peaks. This allows you to efficiently distribute and plan your workforce and equipment. The required headcount is used as an input to create optimal shifts based on allowed shift types that are compliant with labor laws, which in turn are assigned to available staff members based on contract hours, skills, certificates etc.


What will you get? 

All in all, Labor Production Planning gives you schedules for your warehouse workforce that meet service levels, maximize productivity and minimize labor costs. More specifically, Labor Production Planning:

  • Automates the process and allows you to be flexible to handle last minute workload fast
  • Enables orders to be optimally processed throughout the warehouses based on physical and labor constraints
  • Gets the right staff at the right place and time by creating dynamic shifts that cover peaks and throughs
  • Makes data-driven decisions regarding hiring temporary/agency staff

Production Labor Planning - Flattened curve

With Labor Production Planning, the demand curve and workload are automatically flattened based on labor and equipment constraints. This allows companies to distribute the workload, minimize under and overstaffing and thus be more productive and spend less on labor costs! 

If this doesn’t get your planning heart beat faster, then we don’t know what will! We can talk about Labor Production Planning forever and we hope we made you as excited as we are. If you are, you can now sign up to be one of the first to get exclusive access to the beta version and benefit from being one of the first. Your input is valuable, so don't hesitate to sign up for a beta demo down below. 


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