How Reduced Labor Costs Helped Papa John's

Instant labour cost saving, dramatically improved communication and powerful forecasting are all combining to turbocharge the workforce revolution ..

Instant labour cost saving, dramatically improved communication and powerful forecasting are all combining to turbocharge the workforce revolution taking place at Papa John’s.

Papa Johns Quinyx

The international pizza chain have began using Quinyx as their workforce management solution in earnest during 2017, and have seen an immediate impact, so much so that some stores have seen their total costs fall by 5%, thanks to a reduction of 15% in labour cost, in just three months.

“We’ve really put Quinyx into full flow these last three or four months,” says Bhrijesh Patel, franchisee of Papa John’s Guildford store. “You can see a significant drop in terms of our labour cost. It used to be around 33% and is now just over 28% of total cost. It's a massive drop and great for our bottom line.”

 There were six key issues Papa John’s were faced with when searching for a workforce management solution:
  • Manual or no sales forecasting
  • Manual staff scheduling
  • Ineffective communication across all levels of the business
  • An increasing volume of orders to their stores
  • An increasing number of stores that each franchisee was having to manage
  • An increase demand on KPIs

These challenges were ultimately capping Papa John’s growth, which brought them to the position of needing a workforce management solution. In the summer of 2016 they ran an 8 week trial of Quinyx across three different stores and the impact was immediate.

Since then Quinyx has been rolled out across a number of stores and is continuing to help Papa John’s optimise the way they operate, increase productivity and reduce labour cost. According to Daniel Patterson, Brand Excellence Manager at Papa John’s, it’s solving the problem of getting the right people, into the right place, at the right time, where Quinyx has had the biggest impact.

“The biggest problem that Quinyx has solved for us is purely moving team members’ resource into the right place at the right time,” he says. “This means we can move ‘dead’ hours, where we might be over staffed, into our busiest times and the hours that really matter, allowing us to increase our speed, our quality and our overall customer experience.

“And if we can improve our overall customer experience, we’ll encourage growth in our business and people to return, which is what we’re all about.” 

A large part of this success can be attributed to the end user buy-in. We’ve found the most successful implementations of a workforce management solution are the ones where the end users (the employees) are involved in the process from the very start. This end user engagement then means the system can be used to its full potential. Papa John’s have been incredibly successful in doing this, as seen with the way Customer Service Representative, Laura White, uses the app.

“I use many different apps on a day to day basis,” she says. “Quinyx is just one of these and it’s one of the first I open while I’m still in bed so I can see when I’m working and what I’m going to be doing. It’s so much better than having to take a photograph of the rota!”

As you can see from the above video, the team at Papa John’s think Quinyx is a fantastic system to use, and they’ve seen results straight away.

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