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Behind the Boom: Exploring the Instant Sales Growth of a Leading Fashion  Retailer with Quinyx

See how a fashion accessories retailer instantly increased sales and reduced their labor spend after implementing our all-in-one workforce solution.

One Platform to Rule Them All


When a fashion accessories retailer with 2000 employees in 100 US locations wanted to move away from their legacy workforce management platform and find a versatile one-stop shop to manage their retail staff, they turned to Quinyx. Their goal? Increase revenue and employee engagement. 


However, with past solutions, they’d faced hiccups in being able to meet their business needs as planned. So this time around, to accomplish their goals, they needed “one platform to rule them all”. A singular solution that allowed them to leverage data-backed automated schedules for all their locations, amplify and effectively organize their communications, and utilize task management to increase efficiency and engagement for their store teams—functions that traditional WFM providers they’d researched had not been able to meet.


Gearing Up to Launch


As the foundation of their business is hourly employees who are often the furthest away from technological implementations, the retailer's focus was to ensure that the store managers and their corporate employees could easily forecast and create schedules. Above all else, their goal was to bring hourly workers into the heart of the business fabric, while providing work-life predictability they could rely on. 


To start, they launched a pilot program in a few select stores, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Their HR and Compliance teams were particularly impressed by the smooth transformation of their compliance requirements from mere spreadsheet entries to integrated alerts within the Quinyx platform.

One of the pilot store managers expressed similar excitement by stating, "We've gone from a spreadsheet, to a glorified spreadsheet with [our former WFM provider], to Quinyx telling us who we need and when to staff."


Ultimately, their choice to expand the platform among the rest of the organization was driven by the fact that, now, instead of wasting time building schedules in the back office, store managers have more time to be on the selling floor creating a community for their customers.

Instant Impact


After implementing Quinyx, the results were instant! The retailer soon noticed a 50% reduction in non-compliant store schedules—greatly limiting their exposure to hefty fines due to compliance errors. They saw a 10% reduction in stores that were over the labor budget, and in terms of overall sales, they noticed an uptick in the transactions per hour on top of the sales made within an hour. 


Finally, this retailer is on the path to fully realizing the benefits of a single workforce management solution and is eager to begin implementing the Frontline portal for seamless communication and task management.

"We've gone from a spreadsheet, to a glorified spreadsheet with [our former WFM provider], to Quinyx telling us who we need and when to staff."

Store Manager

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