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ODEON Cinema effortlessly manages its workforce

Engaging employees and keeping track of their availability can be challenging in an industry where seasonal fluctuations are the norm.


ODEON has been a global customer of Quinyx since 2018 with the company using the software in Norway, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal and in the Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. 

In Norway ODEON has fourteen cinemas and the only IMAX screen, ODEON Oslo which is the largest cinema in the country.

The cinema industry is somewhat seasonal, with periods of higher and lower activity, such as during the holiday season and when blockbuster movies are released. Quinyx provides a good overview of staff availability at different times via a simple platform that is convenient and easy to use all in a single location.

Terje Gangaas, Cinema Manager at ODEON Oslo, mentions one of the benefits of using the service in the cinema's daily operations.

"It's a good form of communication between employer and employee when it comes to staffing."

With Quinyx, a direct communication channel can be established and both employers and employees can always stay up to date on their work schedules.

Functional and versatile

Quinyx is easy for everyone to use and it ensures that workforce management doesn't distract from the core business. Managers have access to everything they need in one platform, including payroll, shift planning, and employee communication via the news feed feature. Employees can instinctively use the mobile app to update their availability and request changes to their schedules.

According to Assistant Cinema Manager Somia Azzaoui, Quinyx has impressed with its versatility and user-friendliness for everyone working at ODEON Oslo.

"This has given us a way to establish a system for everything from payroll to monitoring absenteeism, and it isn't too complicated for the employees."

ODEON Oslo Shift Leader Petros Vouzounerakis confirms the usability based on his experience with the platform.

"If I need to report sick leave or if I want to take vacation, it's easy to input it. Quinyx is quite easy to use, and it's also designed for everyone to learn it relatively quickly."

Efficient and focused

Quinyx provides a seamless way to manage employee attendance, handle payroll, and engage employees all in one place. It allows everyone to focus on the daily activities of the cinema business rather than getting stuck in complicated ways of coordinating staff.

Vouzounerakis says that Quinyx has made things much easier with its reliability and accessibility.

"It works very efficiently, we rarely encounter problems, and almost everyone is satisfied with it. We have a good understanding of what we need, and it doesn't disrupt our operations, so it's fantastic."

Vouzounerakis adds that Quinyx has become a single source of truth for managers to access important employee information. Azzaoui agrees and explains that the service is now the cinema's main hub for relevant details about employees and their schedules.

"When it comes to the management function, it's very easy to find an employee and their contact information. It's also easy to see which shifts are available or if there's any sick leave that needs approval."

Gangaas highlights the benefits of Quinyx for the business:

"A simple and clear system, accessible to everyone."


About Odeon Cinemas Group:

Odeon Cinemas Group is Europe's largest cinema operator. Through subsidiaries it has over 360 cinemas, with 2900 screens in 14 countries in Europe, 120 cinemas with 960 screens are in the UK. It receives more than 2.2 million guests per week.

Odeon Cinemas Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMC Theatres. The company has three main subsidiaries, Nordic Cinema Group, United Cinemas International, and Odeon Cinemas. Nordic Cinema Group in turn owns Finnkino and its subsidiary Forum Cinemas. 

"A simple and clear system, accessible to all."

Terje Gangaas

Cinema Manager, ODEON Oslo

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