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Success stories with the Quinyx Academy

At Quinyx we believe, if you’re passionate about learning, you’ll never stop growing. We pride ourselves on creating a system that’s easy to use, ..

At Quinyx we believe, if you’re passionate about learning, you’ll never stop growing.

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We pride ourselves on creating a system that’s easy to use, intuitive and user friendly. And, while it’s super easy to start using Quinyx effectively, the software is so powerful that sometimes extra guidance and support can empower our customers to get even more out of the solution.

That’s why, through the Quinyx Academy we offer e-learning, webinars and classroom training to help our customers get the most out of their workforce management software and maximise the return on your investment.

Over 1,100 users participated in instructor led trainings last year, and there are now over 1,100 active learners registered on our e-learning platform.

We invited three of our customers to share their experiences with the Quinyx Academy.

Elin Andersson, Salary Specialist, Unicare Vård Sverige AB

What do you use Quinyx for?

We have chosen Quinyx to be able to see the complete picture of all of our companies, to collect them all in one place and easily see the entire schedule, to handle absences without lots of paperwork back and forth, track our workforce and, above all, optimise our staffing against a budget, and implement a smoother payroll process. We wanted a user friendly tool for our employees and managers.

Tell us about your experience with Quinyx Academy?

As the SuperUser / Project Manager from our side, I have completed Quinyx Academy's e-learning courses, to be able to understand the project and be able to do as much as possible myself. It has helped me understand how to configure Quinyx, and the options available. Personally, I think the simplicity and clarity of the courses, and the option to listen and/or read, depending on your mood, have been great. The ability to revisit the courses again, if information was lost along the way, and the possibility to constantly stay up to date, by selecting the specific chapter you need more information on, at that moment. You are presented with clear examples in every chapter and do-it-yourself tasks at a reasonable level. Even if I have done several chapters in a row it doesn’t feel heavy, instead you always want to know more and proceed to the next. The e-learning courses raise your curiosity about the possibilities of the system.

How has Quinyx Academy helped you and your organisation use Quinyx better?

We are only in the set up phase, but I can already see the benefits of having our users take training courses on-site at their own computers, as we are spread over ten locations across Sweden, from Småland in the south, to Dalarna in the north, and on the island of Gotland. It is fast, simple and gives you a great foundation to start your own work in Quinyx.

Chris Brett, Principal Consultant, REPL, Quinyx Partner

What do you use Quinyx for?

I’m a bit different in that I’ve not bought Quinyx. My job is to help Quinyx customers manage their configuration of it, once purchased. Therefore, I use Quinyx to better understand how to help others make the most from it.

Tell us about your experience with Quinyx Academy?

I had the added benefit of making the pilgrimage to Quinyx HQ in central Stockholm. This was a wonderful experience because for a few days I was immersed in the Swedish ways of working both in and out of the classroom. However, my experience actually started at home on the e-learning platform. I have had many poor experiences with e-learning in the past (tick box exercises that takes hours). Quinyx was completely different, I completed modules but did so by actually using a version of the system in the same way that I would in the real world. This set me up well for the classroom activity because by the time I arrived I was armed with plenty of questions to get stuck into. Having a solid foundation before arriving also set the lessons up to be far more applicable and interesting because I already had the basics. Couple this with a fantastic teacher with a good sense of humour and you can see why I enjoyed myself.

How has Quinyx Academy helped you and your organisation use Quinyx better?

Too often am I stuck dealing with theory before I get to the good stuff. From the minute I started working with Quinyx it was grounded in reality, not theory and in my experience that’s very valuable. An added benefit of the live classes is that you make a connection with the experts face-to-face, this really helps to get you into the Swedish mindset (and Fika concept).

Fredrik Svedberg, Åkerblads Hotell

What do you use Quinyx for?

We implemented Quinyx in 2015 with Scheduling, Webpunch, absence reporting and payroll export. In our organisation, the hotel's department managers are responsible for their staff, managers and employees can easily communicate via the system and mobile app. For example, leave applications, absences and applying for available shifts are handled through the app, that the employee downloads to their phone. Roughly 90% of our employees use the app, where they have access to schedules, colleagues, etc.

Tell us about your experience with Quinyx Academy?

I attended training at Quinyx during the initial implementation, for set up and administration. After two years I have now returned to the Academy for training tailored to us, to gain further knowledge in the system, to see what is new in the system and to discuss further needs. When we started we had close contact with a Quinyx expert who was responsive to our business, contractual rights, needs and requirements. After this phase we have received answers to our questions via the Quinyx Support team. The Quinyx Academy has been very accommodating and adapted to our issues.

How has Quinyx Academy helped you and your organisation better use Quinyx?

By answering questions and customising settings based on how our operations constantly evolve.

Meet the Quinyx Academy

Christine Rosenberg, Training Expert


Christine is the Quinyx Training Expert with more than a decade’s experience in training, instructional design, project management, consulting and system implementations. Primarily within the American financial technology sector. Christine joined Quinyx in 2016.



Daniel Björkman, e-learning Producer/Developer


Daniel, who runs the Quinyx Learning Management System, is an experienced producer and developer of e-learning for various software systems. He possesses solid technical and project management skills. Daniel, who is also an accomplished educator, has been with Quinyx since 2015.



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