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The Quinyx impact across different industries

From empowering employees to improving productivity, Quinyx is having a huge impact on the ways businesses across Europe work. By combining business ..

From empowering employees to improving productivity, Quinyx is having a huge impact on the ways businesses across Europe work.

By combining business intelligence, sophisticated cloud-based systems and an essential mobile app, Quinyx is helping business owners, managers and employees across different industries to work more effectively and drive better results. At the same time, by providing employees with a way of securing a better work-life balance, it’s helping to create happier employees who enjoy work and perform to a higher level.

Whether it’s healthcare or retail, the impact Quinyx has is clear to see. Here’s an insight into the impact Quinyx has across different industries:



Mark Cribb, owner and operator of Urban Guild, a group a bars, restaurants and hotels on the UK’s south coast was an early adopter of Quinyx. He says it’s the speed which Quinyx allows him to respond to the needs of his business which has the biggest impact.

He says: “One of the key things Quinyx helps us do is respond, very quickly, to changes going on in the business. On a rainy day I might only need 6 or 7 people whereas on a sunny day I might need 45. That ability to be flexible and to make last-minute changes sets Quinyx apart and makes all our lives much easier.”


The ability to respond and be flexible is also having a huge impact for very different reasons on the Mary Rose Museum, who also use Quinyx to schedule and manage their staff. Early this year the museum undertook a planned closure, running a temporary exhibition and a pop-up museum during this time.

Visitor Operations Manager, James Rodliff, says this is where using Quinyx significantly helped him manage the museum’s workforce.

“Being able to use the mobile manager function in the Quinyx app has been a huge help,” he says. “With our pop-up museum touring the south of England and a temporary exhibition at the museum itself our scheduling has been very different and using Quinyx has been invaluable."

“When I’ve been away from the office with the pop-up museum I’ve still been able to use Quinyx to manage our staff. I was granting leave requests and shift allocations from the inside of a tent in a Tudor castle in Gloucestershire!”


Speed and response times are also the drivers behind healthcare recruitment specialists, Vetro Recruitment, using Quinyx as their workforce management solution.

Company director, Alistair Tulloch, says: “Speed is of the essence for us and the absolute number one reason we chose Quinyx is to save us time. The quicker we can get shifts out and get them filled the better level of service we can provide to our clients."

“Up to now everything has very much been run through spreadsheets. Usually to fill shifts we would have to call 5 or 6 different candidates and leave them messages, repeating this every time we had more shifts. Now they can see what shifts need filling as soon as they are made available."


The inaccuracy and labour intensive task of managing a complex spreadsheet was a big reason Naked Juicebar chose Quinyx as their scheduling solution and their management team have noticed an immediate impact.

They said: “We used to make many mistakes by doing our scheduling in Excel spreadsheets. It would take entire days to put the schedules and time records together. Since we started using Quinyx, life has been so much easier for our managers."

“We’re just about to start using even more functionality in Quinyx, particularly for our budgets and our forecasts, and can’t wait to see the additional impact it will have.”

Saving time, working faster, being able to do more and solving the headaches associated with running a business are all possible with Quinyx. From a museum in the UK to a smoothie bar in Stockholm, the impact Quinyx has is being felt far and wide, helping businesses perform better and employees to enjoy work.


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