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COOP sees a instant ROI and a more productive workforce

Supermarket chain sees instant ROI and a more productive workforce with Quinyx

Instant ROI with Quinyx

With a signification presence in Northern Europe and over 1000 employees, COOP is the go-to choice for millions of supermarket shoppers everyday. Workplace employee engagement is highly valued and as a co-owned business, COOP consistently strives to develop workplace wellbeing and improve workforce efficiency.  

Carina Sundström, head of store and workforce efficiency, launched an internal study to capture employees' daily working habits and to better understand the positive impact Quinyx's software was having on their operations and workforce.

The goal was to capture data that would show the return on investment of choosing Quinyx as COOP's workforce management partner, alongside the positive feedback they had already received from staff that the software had improved their work lives.
The COOP study showed that partnering with Quinyx directly led to:
  • Easier and less time consuming scheduling
  • Significant improvement in staff attendance
  • More efficient time reporting
  • Better communication between employer and employees 


  • The study showed that COOP store managers saved an average of 5 hours per week on staffing related tasks, administration and scheduling. This represented a 12% time saving across their working week.   
  • Throughout the different stores, Quinyx's software enabled payroll savings of over $280,000 per year by minimizing errors and automating the process.
  • Staff churn and turnover were significantly reduced. Staff commented that the increased flexibility and schedule transparency made possible by Quinyx's software meant their lives, families and jobs could happily coexist in a way that had not always been possible before.

Quinyx Mobile Use at Coop 

  • From day one, the adoption rate of the Quinyx mobile app was tremendous with over 98% of COOP employees downloading the app and 75% logging onto the app every day.
  • The study also showed that over the course of a working week most of the COOP's 1000+ staff were logging onto the app at least once.


Coop is delighted to have chosen Quinyx as a Workforce Management provider. The user-friendliness and communication capabilities of the mobile app has made a dramatic, positive impact and difference for the business and its employees. In addition, Quinyx's software helps COOP collect and keep track of time, attendance, and labor information across their different locations, and automates 100% of the organization's complex pay rules
Coop is proud to recommend Quinyx to other  organizations and retail chains in search of an outstanding scheduling, time & attendance, forecasting and employee engagement software.
“With the help of Quinyx the business can generate big savings, increase sales and exceed customers’ expectations by also having the right people at the right place at the right time.”

Carina Sundström

Store and Workforce Efficiency

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