Decathlon has improved their Workforce Management together with Quinyx!

Before Quinyx

Decathlon earlier used a manual system based on Excel for scheduling and time reporting for their staff. This procedure was both time consuming, expensive and unreliable. Each month they distributed the time reports on paper sheets for each employee to the Visma payroll system. Visma then had to manually enter the information into their system which incurred high costs.


Vendor selection

A year ago Decathlon asked Visma if they could recommend any vendors that could provide them with a new automated system to help solve their main problems with manual scheduling and time reporting.

Visma gave them two names of vendors they have good experience of. One of them was Quinyx. They tested the two systems in parallel for a time period of two months.


Why Quinyx?

”Quinyx as a company had many similarities with our company that we liked” says Amandine Treguer, CFO and HR manager. The main reasons to why we chose Quinyx were:

  • They are a young and dynamic company
  • Quinyx provided a modern, userfriendly and flexible solution that fit our requirements
  • They have a very customer oriented approach. Nothing is impossible!
Quinyx is a true professional company, and their WFM-system is flexible and easy to use. Our store managers and sellers are very pleased with the modern way to schedule and reporting and it saves our company both time and money.

Amandine Treguer

CFO & HR Manager


The implementation project went very quick mainly depending on the user friendly system. Quinyx set all parameters and Amandine was first trained how to administrate and use the system and than she trained the employees resonsible for HR in each store. The next step was to have every employee responsible for HR train 6-7 managers.

The project took around 60 days, including almost two months of testing with full payroll before they went live.


Benefits for the users in the stores

  • A webbased, automated system easy to use
  • Checking time reports is now just a check in the box
  • Time scheduling is now much more visible, fast and reliable
  • The system help to avoid many mistakes as well as follow rules and regulations, for example, we get warnings if we schedule a person too many hours per week
  • All employees really like the Quinyx mobile app and it´s now much easier to view the working schedule, change working time and quickly find out how much their salary is estimated to be

Would you recommend Quinyx?

We asked Amandine if she would recommend Quinyx and their solutions to a similar company or to a colleague/friend.

“Definitely, on the scale 0-10, I give them a 10. Every time we have a question or a problem, Quinyx are very responsive and do their very best to solve it smooth and quickly."

"Most of the time we have a solution within 24 hours. I have also told my HR and CFO colleagues from other countries that we are very satisfied with Quinyx solution”, says Amandine



What are the main benefits of using Quinyx WFM, compared to how they worked before?

  • Saving cost, in total they pay less than before
  • Saving time, approximately 30 hours per month
  • Winning a lot with the planning, validation and in the communication between store mangers and the sellers
  • Reliability, they have now a reliable system and know that they schedule and plan according to rules and regulations of current collective agreements
  • The visibility is much better and they have a clear view over the scheduled working hours a month in advance which also makes it easier to do realistic budgets

About Decathlon

Decathlon is the largest sports retailer in the world. Their motto is ”Create desirability and make the pleasure and benefits of sport available to all".

Decathlon is currently the world’s largest sports retailers with stores in 25 countries, such as China, Brazil, India, France, Russia and Sweden. They design innovative and technological products in over 70 sports for their own 19 Passion Brands. For these brands they have full control of all lines from design, production, distribution, logistics and the stores.

Decathlon also represents leading brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Shimano, Speedo, Salomon and Atomic among others.

For people who are interested in sports and want to work in a true global company with excellent career opportunities, Decathlon is the right company.


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Decathlon has improved their Workforce Management together with Quinyx!

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