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GANT’s new scheduling. More than just a trend.

GANT has reduced the average time for scheduling planning and follow-up process by 75%.

The forefront of fashion

Change is nothing new to the fashion giant GANT. The company has been at the forefront of fashion since it was founded by Bernhard Gantmacher in the United States in 1949.

Their world-famous shirts have won international acclaim but the latest success comes from within. Thanks to Quinyx, they have both managed to optimise their scheduling and gain better control of staff costs. All at once.


Why GANT chose Quinyx

GANT contacted Quinyx in 2014 when they realised they needed a web-based scheduling system. Managing scheduling in Excel was time consuming and the processes were not efficient enough. There was a desire to improve and simplify scheduling, time reporting and payroll payments, something that was previously done in three separate systems.

They chose Quinyx primarily due to ease of use and the large number of features in the system, which was in line with GANT's working methods and objectives.


  • Quinyx Scheduling, Time, Communication, Task and Budget & Forecast
  • Quinyx Mobile Apps
  • Integration to external salary system


After having implemented Quinyx, GANT achieved the following results:

  • GANT has reduced the average time for scheduling planning and follow-up process by 75%. This means that managers can now spend more time in the store, with their customers and their employees.
  • GANT has gained a better understanding of scheduled and worked hours alongside lowering the total number of scheduled hours. With Quinyx, managers have been given control over the human resources budget for each day, week, month and year.
  • The internal communication, in terms of working hours, current schedule changes and published schedules, has improved considerably. GANT can now reach employees with important information, such as weekly newsletters, directly in the app. Which is both faster and easier.


Usage of Quinyx app

Quinyx mobile app has received positive feedback from their employees. Among other things, they mention that Quinyx is an important part of their working life. The app is used daily by employees to keep up to date with the schedule and any changes to it, to certify worked hours and to communicate with their managers. Employees also apply for leave directly through the app.


Next step

The next step for GANT is to start working actively with Quinyx Budget & Forecast. The idea is to be better at optimising their schedules in relation to sales goals. The company will also continue the further development of Quinyx in their UK stores.

Previously, we did the scheduling in Excel. Introducing a web-based system has made a big difference and we’re so pleased. I highly recommend Quinyx to retail chains that have a lot of staff and want a smoother scheduling process.

Tomas Andersson

Retail Operations Manager

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