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About Gudrun Sjödén

This year Gudrun Sjödén, the stores with Scandinavian design and fashion in their hearts, are celebrating their 40th birthday.

Since they began in 1976 with one store in the centre of Stockholm, Gudrun Sjödén have grown into a world-renowned fashion brand, with stores throughout Sweden and in Norway, Finland, Germany, the UK and the USA. For 40 years their principles have remained the same; comfortable, functional and versatile clothes to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

In June 2015, Gudrun Sjödén began using Quinyx at their flagship store in Stockholm before implementing the workforce management solution in their other five Swedish stores.

Over lunch, in one of the most beautiful and welcoming staff rooms we’ve seen in any store, we caught up with Aino Sackemark, the store’s manager, to find out how Gudrun Sjödén are using Quinyx and the impact it’s had on their business.

Quinyx is a pleasure to use as it’s easy, intuitive, user-friendly and has a great interface.

Aino Sackemark

Store Manager

Meet the store Manager, Aino Sackemark

How long have you been working for Gudrun Sjödén?

I’ve worked at this store for 12 years now. It’s a unique company, and Gudrun is a very inspiring and determined woman. It’s fast, spontaneous and never boring. There’s a lot of caring here, with warmth and generosity, as well as a real business focus. We have about 140 employees throughout Sweden and, after an initial trial, we now use Quinyx across every store.

What made you decide to use Quinyx?

We were struggling with the other system we were using. It was complex and difficult and it was very hard work. In our stores we have people working different times and different shifts. We needed a system that could cope with this.

What impact has Quinyx had since you began using it?

Quinyx is a great change, it is so simple to use. Instead of sitting in my office I’m now on the shop floor. Quinyx has given me my time back. I’m no longer sat in front of a computer getting irritated, I’m doing what I love to do best.

From a business perspective, we’re more aware of when to schedule people on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We can easily see how many hours we’re using and it’s much simpler for us to schedule our employees so they’re working the right amount of hours.

Quinyx is helping Gudrun Sjödén operate more efficiently

Was it easy to implement Quinyx at Gudrun Sjödén?

Yes it was. Easy to setup and easy to understand how we should be using it. Of course, we made mistakes in the beginning but that’s the way you learn. We weren’t afraid to make mistakes and as a result we learnt how to use the system really quickly by getting to grips with it and understanding it.

What do your employees think about the system?

They like it! They use Quinyx to log their hours, and they find it much easier than our previous system. We started with the basics in Quinyx, and now when everyone is comfortable with them, we’re adding more of Quinyx’s functionality.

How have you and your staff found the experience of using Quinyx?

Quinyx is easy to operate, I can easily see who is working and for how long. I can see it on my phone, in the office, on my computer at home or on the computer on the shop floor. If someone calls in sick at 8am I can see who is available to fill that shift. I also have much better control over time and costs. It’s great for our staff because they like to see who they’re working with. Quinyx is a pleasure to use as it’s easy, intuitive, user-friendly and has a great interface.


Quinyx is helping Gudrun Sjödén operate more efficiently and effectively, saving them time and money while allowing key members of their team to focus more of their energy on the shop floor rather than being stuck behind a computer screen.

And they are in good company, you can read more of ourcase studies here to see how we’re helping other businesses.


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