"Quinyx is the most versatile software that I have ever used."

LPP has chosen Quinyx as workforce management solution.

LPP has chosen Quinyx

The global fashion retailer LPP has chosen Quinyx as their workforce management solution. LPP is a Polish company with their area of expertise being design, production and distribution of clothing. There are five famous brands in their portfolio: Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito and Sinsay. The LPP sales network consists of more than 1760 stores located in 25 different countries.

LPP Estonia’s CEO Kaidi Kask who also manages LPP Finland was involved in selecting the new workforce management system. One important criterion was to find a software that comes with a mobile app with features such as reporting and following up on staffing costs.

LPP Finland Operational Manager Seija Leppihalme feels happy about the chosen workforce management system and everything it provides. “Quinyx is not only a state-of-the-art schedule and staff rostering system,” she says. 

“It also gives valuable insights on tracking costs and is a perfect tool for communication. Further, it helps planning vacation and other leave, and supports compliance of labor laws”. 

The mobile app is used every day. “The whole staff feels it’s a fast and easy-to-use tool for daily communication as well as accepting, changing and overviewing shifts.”

LPP first opened in Finland in summer 2019, with a grand opening of five stores in the Helsinki-based Mall of Tripla. Ever since then, LPP Finland has used Quinyx. This year, LPP Estonia also implemented Quinyx as their workforce management system.

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Perfect for quick communication and scheduling  

Thus no previous scheduling staffing system was in use, Quinyx communication module has been actively used right since the launch. “Qmail is a really smart communication tool for the whole organization and for teams within it,” Leppihalme states.

“If an employee gets ill and we need to find someone to cover that shift on a short notice, we can get the message out quickly. Employees can manage their schedules and are powered up when they can get their voices heard about leave requests. We have a lot of temporary staff, and they also have access to their schedules via Quinyx. The only thing the manager needs to do is to confirm the shifts.”

“The whole staff feels it’s a fast and easy-to-use tool for daily communication as well as accepting, changing and overviewing shifts.”

Quinyx and payroll

LPP’s payroll in Quinyx is seamlessly integrated with Mepco. The data and payroll files are conveniently sent out for payment. “Together with our HR, I closely analyze the time sheets and hourly costs versus sales. We can choose between various reporting overviews and we can edit them to suit our needs best.”

In her work, downloading the essential reports and following up on time and attendance is crucial. “I constantly monitor all the key performance indicators”, she says. 

Prioritizing and planning ahead is what matters

Seija Leppihalme is in charge of all operations at LPP Finland and enjoys her work tremendously. She was there when the first Finnish stores opened, and she loves using her multitasking skills every day. “Yes, we’re all busy, but prioritizing and planning ahead, that’s what matters. I monitor all numbers precisely, and constantly develop our business to meet the various demands of the market.

I also work in close collaboration with our staff and support them in everything they do. Other fields of responsibilities I have are our communication, marketing, contracts, negotiations, recruiting together with Barona, keeping up with changes in labor laws, keeping track of losses in retail and preventing them, logistics, communicating with our head office in Poland and all monthly reporting.”

Seija beams with positivity and inspiration. ”I love my work in retail! 20 years – nearly half of my life – I have had the privilege to work in a field I really admire. LPP has exceeded all my expectations. This is a family-owned company, and I have felt welcome ever since our first meeting in Tallinn and at the Gdansk headquarters. At the same time, she is also extremely happy about LPP’s new workforce management system: 

“Quinyx is the most versatile software that I have ever used.”

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Future plans

In the future, Leppihalme hopes to implement Quinyx’ automated manning features. This way, a lot of the managers’ valuable working hours can be saved for even more important responsibilities. With Quinyx, the shifts are always optimized for best performance, but also all the set criteria regarding skills, the balance of work and free time as well as compliance with labor laws and local agreements are being met. 

“What we’re aiming at is that our managers spend less time with schedule planning. Quinyx really helps us manning shifts with hourly-based employees. The weekly variables, such as deliveries, always require quick reactions and changes to our scheduling. We are currently at the beginning of our journey with Quinyx, and every day we learn how to get more and more out of it.”

We are currently at the beginning of our journey with Quinyx, and every day we learn how to get more and more out of it.”

Seija Leppihalme

Operational Manager

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