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Subway improved workforce management with Quinyx

Improved workforce management with Quinyx

Efficient workforce planning is the basis of a comfortable working environment

Provides an up-to-date schedule available to everyone which minimizes scheduling and time & attendance discrepencies.

The dynamism of the fast food industry requires employees who can adapt quickly to changing needs. Because Subway employs both full-time and part-time workers who often move between restaurants, the company was in the market for a highly flexible, web-based workforce management solution. Subway management is well aware that efficient workforce planning is the basis of a comfortable working environment and, ultimately, a profitable business.

Why Quinyx?

“Quinyx WFM is used by our entire staff, including employees working on fixed schedules,” says Henrik, franchise owner. “On average each employee logs in three times a week. The communication and community features are also frequently used. These features are especially important to me since I’m not always working from the restaurant.” “Quinyx allows employees to be responsible for parts of the scheduling process, and that saves a lot of my time,”

Henrik continues. “And the staff appreciates this interaction, since it allows them to influence their schedule and working times. The program has built-in validation controls to avoid unnecessary mistakes.”

Quinyx WFM and the Future

“I really appreciate the close contact we have with Quinyx’ developers, and the simplicity of their error reporting and improvement system. It’s obvious that Quinyx prioritises customer support.”

“Schedule optimisation is very important. With Quinyx, that’s one of the factors we can easily influence to improve profitability.”


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