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Flink uses AI-supported workforce management from Quinyx

Quinyx is currently being used by Flink in Germany, the Netherlands and France.
by Marie Ladner
  • Flexible and precise planning of shifts via app for all riders
  • Automated creation of schedules and allocation of shifts based on AI
  • Implementation in Germany, the Netherlands and France

Stockholm/Hamburg, December 20th 2022- Since April 2022, the grocery delivery service Flink has started using Quinyx's AI-powered workforce management solution to schedule shifts for its riders and hub employees. Flink's goal was to increase employee satisfaction and provide efficient shift planning for riders, in order to differentiate itself from the competition.

"In order to keep our growth and without sacrificing efficiency, our core requirement was clear: We needed to staff the right amount of people at the right place and time. Quinyx understood this right away and offered us a solution that supported our strategic planning with all the complexity from different markets. Their commitment on continuous work and joint development of innovative solutions made the promise a reality" explains Fernando Montero Leiva, Global Manager Rider Operations Performance at Flink. “We have already seen a significant increase in efficiency in the company's staff planning.”


The use of Quinyx at Flink includes:

  • Workforce Management: Riders have a transparent view of their schedules and can swap shifts even at short notice. Thanks to the time and attendance feature, they can clock in and out via WebPunch/mobile phone or tablets in the hubs.

  • Engagement: With the two features, Pulse surveys and awards, riders have the opportunity to be more involved. Since the implementation, thousands  of awards have already been shared between employees. Similarly, more than a hundred Pulse surveys have already been sent out.

  • Workforce-Optimization: Schedules are automatically created and shifts automatically assigned based on an AI-powered algorithm. In addition, Quinyx provides forecasts to create better schedules in compliance with all relevant labour laws and standards.

In the beginning of the rollout, approximately 6,000 Flink riders at 70 hubs were using the Quinyx app. Over the following months, the number of riders and hubs has significantly increased across the markets. Quinyx is currently being used in Germany, the Netherlands and France. Through Quinyx's API, Flink connects workforce planning with other existing HR applications and tools in the company.

"The pandemic has helped boost Quick Commerce in the grocery sector, but the market is highly competitive. Only those who support their growth with a flexible and accurate digital workforce planning solution that predicts and considers future evolutions now will prevail. We are very pleased to be able to accompany the Flink company on this journey and want to make a contribution to simplifying the daily work of riders," says Erik Fjellborg, founder and CEO of Quinyx. 


AI in workforce management:

Artificial intelligence is used in workforce management to automatically create schedules and assign shifts to available employees. The focus lies on business optimisation and staff efficiency, but also on the personal needs and preferences of the employees, while the company itself sets the rules. Thanks to the forecasting function, Quinyx clients can anticipate understaffing and overstaffing, react accordingly and directly understand the impact on the bottom line. In addition, labour laws and contractually agreed rules are adhered to and as many employee wishes as possible are taken into account. Further algorithms, trends and historical data can be fed into the AI to further refine the forecast.


About Flink:

Flink is Europe’s leading instant grocery delivery service on a mission to give people time back. Consumers can order groceries on the Flink app and get it delivered in just minutes via E-Bikes. Flink stocks a broad range of top brands and high quality fresh products. Flink is currently one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. The company currently operates in Germany, France and the Netherlands, in more than 100 cities and out of more than 200 hubs. For more information, please visit


About Quinyx:

Quinyx is a leading AI-driven workforce management software providing technology that simplifies scheduling, time reporting, communication, task management, budgeting, and forecasting. Quinyx helps companies worldwide remain compliant, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and engage employees through advanced and flexible features.

Today, Quinyx helps some of the world’s biggest businesses save time and money, boost productivity and enjoy work. Quinyx has offices in the U.S, U.K, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands. In addition, its software is implemented globally and benefits clients like Boots, Wolt, Well Pharmacy, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Oatly, Maersk, Sysco, Virgin Atlantic, Palace Entertainment, IHG, Rituals, Swarovski, Odeon Cinemas Group, and DHL.

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