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Workforce Management will never be the same again as Quinyx shakes up scheduling software industry with new AI features

Quinyx’s new product suite is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage, forecast, engage, and optimize their workforce The new product suite ..
by Laurie Pace
  • Quinyx’s new product suite is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage, forecast, engage, and optimize their workforce

  • The new product suite comprises advanced AI-driven solutions including demand forecasting, strategic planning, labor optimization

  • For companies employing deskless workers, COVID-19 has exposed flaws in scheduling processes and long term labor planning. Creating an imperative, but also an opportunity for businesses to reconfigure their operations

    Boston, London, Stockholm. February 2nd, 2021 - Quinyx, the world leader in AI-Powered Workforce Management stands ready to deliver time, efficiency, and value back to companies employing deskless workers. The challenges posed by COVID-19, as well as fluctuating workforce demands will be met by the new Quinyx offering which consists of powerful AI-driven product functions such as demand forecasting, strategic planning, labor optimization, time and attendance, scheduling, and engagement. All these functions seamlessly work together to drive labor optimization, increase employee productivity and employee engagement.

    The product launch follows hot on the heels of new market research which analyzed more than 450, 000 schedules. Quinyx discovered that businesses not using AI-driven software to schedule, produce off-target schedules that are not optimized to meet business demands. On average, the schedules analyzed showed overstaffing by 30% and understaffing by 16%. This led to revenue loss, compliance violations, poor customer service, and a loss in productivity. Quinyx’s new offering guarantees near-perfect scheduling accuracy based on hyper-localized forecasts which factor every single location and company characteristic, while the strategic planning features help with long term staffing and budgeting decisions. Companies already taking advantage of this new product offering include Wello virtual healthcare and Wolt.

    One-click labor optimization delivers reduced staffing costs and admin time-savings and has already allowed a major healthcare provider to save $7.5 Million per year. In avoiding extra labor costs such as overtime, Quinyx is enabling businesses to save money and meet business KPIs by ensuring optimal staffing levels. Hiring and re-training decisions are made easy with advanced AI-driven analysis of current employee pools and future required headcounts.

    Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder of Quinyx comments “ We are proud to bring to the market new product solutions that will help businesses optimize the way they currently manage their deskless workforce and give them vital tools to be ready and thrive in 2021 and beyond. Our new solution gives near-perfect scheduling accuracy, optimized demand forecasting, and ensures compliance. “

    In 2020, Quinyx acquired AI workforce optimization company Widget Brain, a company that leverages AI to help automate and optimize workforce scheduling.

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