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The WFM Show

In our webinar and podcast series, we meet the most inspiring and thought-provoking experts in employee engagement and workforce management.


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Why should managers be evaluated based on their scheduling performance? And why is it so important to add human parameters to scheduling?

In this episode of the WFM show, Lisa Disselkamp, workforce management leader and visionary, shares knowledge worth a lifetime in just under 50 minutes.

The episode is divided in two parts, listen now!

Why do retail leaders keep coming back to Cathy Hotka's events? Because they offer unique insights and connections.

In this episode, Cathy explains why it's important to get to know each other personally in a digital world. Hear her thoughts on why these human connections make her events so special.

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Why do one in two frontline workers consider quitting? Dive into this year's State of the Frontline Workforce Report with our expert guest Stacy Huffstetler.

Join her and our host Jack Pidgeon as they talk about why every second frontline worker might hit the exit door, the unexpected ways tech is saving the workday, and tricks to keep your team happy and on board.

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Do you want to be able to get answers to operations questions that could really make a difference to your company?

In this episode of The WFM Show, our host Jack Pidgeon invites our Retail Operations Expert Ned Gammell to uncover how to maintain store consistency and product knowledge across multiple regions, and even multiple countries.

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You might be thinking, “HR…Human Resources. Why do we need AI there?”  

In our 2nd episode of the WFM show, Carl Eidsgard, AI expert and CEO of Fenix Minds together with Magnus Friborg, CEO at Qrios, dives into why HR needs to care about AI.

Carl and Magnus have a proven track record of success implementing AI solutions. Ready to get inspired and understand why you need to jump on the AI wagon?

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More episodes 

Gartner trends and AI insights that will impact your WFM strategy

Learn how to get your WFM strategy future-ready

According to this year’s Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications, applying AI in WFM solutions for employees and managers adds significant business value.

In this episode of The WFM Show, we're joined by Ani Obermeier, our CMO, Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder, and Johanna Holm, AI-driven WFM expert to discuss how to get your WFM strategy future-ready as they uncover Gartner trends and AI-insights.

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The happiness equation

They key to retaining frontline talent

Are you ready to unlock the key to a happier and wore engaged frontline workforce? In this episode of The WFM Show, we’ll be sitting down with Toma Pagojote, our Chief Human Resources Officer, and Jack Pidgeon our Frontline Workforce Management and Labour Modeling Expert.

We'll explore the latest insights from the 2023 State of the Frontline Workforce Report, shedding light on work-related stress and the importance of flexibility. 

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