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In our webinar and podcast series, we meet the most inspiring and thought-provoking experts in employee engagement and workforce management.


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Gartner trends and AI insights that will impact your WFM strategy

Learn how to get your WFM strategy future-ready

According to this year’s Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications, applying AI in WFM solutions for employees and managers adds significant business value.

In this episode of The WFM Show, we're joined by Ani Obermeier, our CMO, Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder, and Johanna Holm, AI-driven WFM expert to discuss how to get your WFM strategy future-ready as they uncover Gartner trends and AI-insights.

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The happiness equation

They key to retaining frontline talent

Are you ready to unlock the key to a happier and wore engaged frontline workforce? In this episode of The WFM Show, we’ll be sitting down with Toma Pagojote, our Chief Human Resources Officer, and Jack Pidgeon our Frontline Workforce Management and Labour Modeling Expert.

We'll explore the latest insights from the 2023 State of the Frontline Workforce Report, shedding light on work-related stress and the importance of flexibility. 

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Born to Connect

How a customer-centric strategy creates a better business with Marie Robinson

In our 6th episode, Marie Robinson, EVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer at Sysco (the world's largest broadline food distributor!), gives us the lowdown on how Sysco switched to a customer-centric strategy by improving their driver’s work conditions and skills.

Marie has a proven track record of success - with former roles including Chief Operations and Transformation Officer of Capri Holding Limited (the parent company of Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo). Ready to get inspired?

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Born to Transform

How to successfully manage your deskless workforce with Anna Cau

Meet Anna Cau, tech enthusiast and VP People for Ericsson's factories globally, and former Head of HR, Sales Operations at H&M.

Anna knows all there is to know about how to successfully manage a LARGE deskless workforce, and during the episode, she'll tell you all about it! She will walk you through the steps on how to efficiently lead your team by using the latest technology. You don't want to miss this!

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Born to Hustle

How Nike puts the Deskless Workforce at the forefront of retail success with Shenin Lebrun  

Meet Shenin, Marketplace Development Director EMEA at Nike and founder of Hustle & Heart Consultancy.

During this episode, Shenin shares personal success stories of her 17 year career at Nike. She also dives into the role of the workforce in Nike's innovative consumer journey and how she gets things done (and succeeds!) no matter what she’s working on.

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Born to Thrive

How to succeed through challenging times with Jim Donald 

Meet Jim, Former CEO of Starbucks, Extended Stay America, Albertsons. Jim will share key leadership components from his personal playbook that led him to legendary success.

The episode will discuss how to build a sustainable workforce that builds strong disrupters; Embracing technology disruption to fuel workforce and customer loyalty; Fostering innovation and creativity through employee empowerment.

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Born to Win

Leadership insights from Formula 1 with Mark Gallagher

Meet Mark, Formula 1 Expert & Leading Business Analyst. Mark tells us how to engage, motivate and supercharge your team and how to get the edge over your competitors and win the race.

We also learn how to deliver a winning product by working with a holistic view, aligning all components within the organisation and how to sell a vision through efficient leadership.

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Born to lead

How to improve operational efficiency with Gisel Ruiz

Meet Gisel, former COO of Walmart. She's a globally-minded executive with extensive experience across C-suite roles in Operations and Human Resources for Fortune 1 company and the world's largest retailer, Walmart Inc.

Gisel will give you insights on how to lead a workforce transformation and how you can improve operational efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction.

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The Happiness Equation

The key to retaining frontline talent

Are you ready to unlock the key to a happier and more engaged frontline workforce? We asked 13,000 frontline workers about their experience. 

In this episode of the WFM show, Toma Pagojote, Chief Human Resources Officer and Jack Pidgeon, Frontline WFM expert, will give you insights on how to craft a work culture that makes your frontline staff stay.

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