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GANT - In the forefront of fashion and Workforce Management

GANT have been at the forefront of fashion since 1949 when they were founded in the USA by Jewish immigrant Bernard Gantmacher. Through the decades ..

GANT have been at the forefront of fashion since 1949 when they were founded in the USA by Jewish immigrant Bernard Gantmacher.


Through the decades GANT has changed, evolved and grown, with stores now located throughout the world and their headquarters based in Sweden. A year ago, GANT began using Quinyx for scheduling, time reporting and running their payroll.

We caught up with GANT employee Jonatan Moreno (JM) and store manager Therese Klingwall (TK) at GANT’s flagship store in Stockholm to find out how they have been using Quinyx and the impact it’s had on their work.

Why did you choose to use Quinyx?

TK: – We used to have three separate systems for scheduling, time management and payroll. We wanted to find a way to combine these in order to save us time and allow us to work more efficiently.

What’s the biggest difference you’ve found since you began using Quinyx?

TK: – We’ve noticed a huge difference. We use Quinyx for scheduling, time reporting and payroll. Because it’s web-based and all in one place it saves me time every week and is much easier to use. It means I can spend more time in the store rather than in the office so I have more time with my employees and our customers. I only spend a day in the office now where I used to spend two.

JM: – From an employee’s perspective is fantastic because it’s live and we see updates immediately. We can see our schedule up to 6 weeks in advance which makes it much easier to plan our lives outside of work. 

Most of the people who work here don’t live in Stockholm so planning ahead is really important as many of us have to commute.

What other benefits have employees seen from using Quinyx?

JM: – Switching shifts is easy as it can be done through the app on our phones and only takes a moment. We can plan for the day ahead by seeing who we are working with and when our breaks are.

Quinyx is perfect for me because I can see how many hours I’m working, apply to work more in busy periods, use it to request time off as well as being able to check messages and my schedule when I’m not in the office.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using it, your staff will love it.

TK: – Previously our staff used to have to come into the store to see their schedule and now they use the app. They love using Quinyx because it’s easy, accessible and user friendly. I now create my schedules for the whole year where before we only did them two months in advance.

Is it easy to see your budget when you’re creating your schedules?

TK: – I can see the budget for each day, each week, each month and the full year. It makes it much simpler and easier to work within the budget and to save hours where and when we need to. Because everything is controlled within Quinyx it’s so simple to manage, we can even share staff with other stores through Quinyx if we want to.


What do you enjoy most about using Quinyx?

TK: – It’s like Spotify because it has such good functionality, it’s easy to use and it’s logical. It saves me time, it saves my employees time and it saves head office time. I love using it.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

TK: – Meeting the customers, working with my team, coaching and selling our clothes are all the parts of my job I love doing. I now get to do more of this because we use Quinyx.

Quinyx is helping GANT stores throughout Europe revolutionise the way they work through a simple solution which saves them time and allows them to work more efficiently.

Whether it’s an employee using Quinyx to see when they are working next, a manager using it to create the schedules for their store or head office using it to see how much they are spending on payroll, Quinyx is making their lives easier and helping them enjoy work.

Quinyx is also being used by other retailers, hospitality businesses and even in the healthcare industry, with the impact similar to the one GANT is seeing. Speak to one of our experts today to see how Quinyx can do the same for your business.

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