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Is it time to optimise your workforce?

Smart businesses are always thinking and always trying to identify ways they can stay ahead of the competition, deliver a better service and ..

Smart businesses are always thinking and always trying to identify ways they can stay ahead of the competition, deliver a better service and experience to their customers, and improve the way they operate.

In the quieter months of the year, like August, it can be a good idea to take a time-out and a small step back to look at ways you can improve the way you work, the way you manage your workforce and the way you run your business.

Every business can be optimized. The trick is taking the time and space needed to identify the key areas where this optimization can happen. We’re not advocates of promoting change for the sake of change. So when it comes to business optimization, the questions we pose are: Will it save time? Will is save money? Will it make the business more productive? If the answer to any one of these questions is ‘Yes’ then the chances are it’s a change worth making.

Here are the signs to look for and how to recognize if it’s time to change the way you manage your workforce:

Problems with scheduling.

Every business that has to schedule staff, from bars and restaurants to health clubs,retails stores and contact centers, will have faced the frustrations of scheduling. If key members of your staff are spending a disproportionate time scheduling in comparison to the main purpose of their job then this is a sure-fire sign something needs to change. A workforce management solution will not only automate the scheduling process for you, it will help you create ‘smart schedules’ as well as providing your employees with a much more effective way of managing their own schedules.

Poor communication.

Effective internal communication can be a struggle to get right. The secret is finding a balance where employees feel engaged without being overwhelmed. If communication is a problem there are number of ways it can be improved. Through a mobile app, our solution is designed from the ground up to make communication simple, easy and effective.

Complex task management.

For industries who rely heavily on compliance having good task management isn’t just important, it’s an essential part of the service. Great task management is the art of being able to keep track of what is being done, when it’s being done and who is doing it. Streamlining and centralising the way you manage tasks can have a significant impact on your business.

Inaccurate budgets and forecasts.

If creating accurate, real-time budgets and forecasts is a problem for your business then intelligent software can help. We help managers and business leaders make better, evidence-based and data-driven decisions by analysing historical data and using it to make accurate predictions about the future. Optimise your budgets and your forecasts and the knock-on effect on your business will be dramatic.

If you see these signs in your business then talk to us because we can help. In fact, the businesses we help optimise see a 9% reduction in employee turnover, a 50% reduction in administration costs and 7% reduction in payroll costs and a time-saving for managers of 20%. Sound good to you? Then let’s talk.

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